Gay Nazism

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:08:31 PM

The communists long ago started a campaign in America to teach that homosexuality is normal, natural, and healthy...and that you were born that way. They established the first gay front called the Mettachine society. You can read about it under the homosexual issue at my website.

When they threatened the Boy Scouts, the scouts tried compromised...and it didn't work. Now California under Governor Red-moon-beam Brown(the one who wants all children to take showers together) wants to remove from the bench all judges who were scouts or support the BSA...and not allow such to receive an appointment. The attack on religion and morality continues.

It proves the point that it does no good to compromise with an enemy. It only incites them. Of course, the communist-founded ACLU is behind this too. President Eisenhower invited Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev to the US. When here he said we would fall like ripe plums. He knew such moral behavior would accomplish that.

It's obvious such states as CA and NY have done that. Many years ago I saw a list of their goals. On that to do list was the promotion of homosexuality.. and marijuana! In the last few years many states have fallen to the former and now the same ones are falling for the latter. They want everyone doped up on sex and drugs. The hippies are back again.

If you don't go along with it, your life, liberty, and sacred honor will be attacked. They are no different than their counterparts in Germany. Yes, the Nation Socialist Democrats are here. Will you stand up against their Nazism....or will you lie down with them!?