Post date: May 7, 2016 4:10:57 AM

Are you ready to fight Communism in America?! In Germany of the late 30's someone might have written, are you ready to fight Nazism in Germany? But there was no internet or facebook to spread the message around. A few young teenagers started a handbill campaign that greatly irritated the 4th Reich. The young leader was eventually caught and condemned by the German Supreme Court to death. Today we have the communist founded and controlled homosexual movement tallying up victories in our land with the aid of many politicians and celebrities.

"Comrade" Obama has all but destroyed our country with his support of the "gay war" and his communist racism attack on America. He has just set up the first National Monument to the GLBT community, a monument to Gay rights(sins). A part of Greenwich Village will be set aside to honor the birthplace of the gay liberation movement. Another example of New York values! Just ask the very Red Mayor Bill DeBlasio. He wants to boycott Chick-Fil-A...and obviously NC. The communists like that liberation term. It means liberation from the moral and religious principles(commandments) of God.

None of our political leaders are sounding the alarm about this longtime "Nazi" attack on America. But we have those like Speaker Paul Ryan who aid this enemy cause by supporting the Special Rights for Homosexual Bill, but refusing to support the First Amendment Defense Act that would protect Christians from their subversive attacks. Reince Priebus, leader of the national GOP and former chairman of the WI GOP doesn't want anyone to know either. The GOP is so busy kissing up to "enemy" groups that it may soon die under the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Our chose now may be "Trojan Horse" Clinton or "Trojan Horse" Trump. "Cover up" Donald with his pro-Russian views and advisors raises red flags in the national security community. Will his mob connections be revealed in the future? You really can't run a casino with out that. Trump uses agitprop statements against all is opponents, especially Ted Cruz. As AIM(accuracy in media) reports, "with Cruz out of the way, Trump can complete his hostile takeover of the Republican Party and make it into a carbon copy of the nationalist and populist European parties that have divided Europe and treated Russian President Vladimir Putin as a statesman in foreign affairs".

The Loretta Lynch Justice Dept. is trying to nix the North Carolina bathroom law using a "liberal" interpretation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Someday the Marxist "civil forfeiture" lady may be knocking on your door. If so, we can thank Sen. Johnson for confirming her! Every communist group, especially the gay community has been added to the CRA since then. It would better be called a commie rights act. The communists have always controlled the civil rights movement. It would never be called an inalienable rights movement, since it promotes so much in opposition to the Creator's principles.

So much from the 5th column left is hitting us every day that it seems hopeless, and easy to give up. Will Freemen stand? We must "White" up and take our country back. Only Virtue will do that.