General Petraeus

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:01:16 PM

Henry Kissinger said, "military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy". General Petraeus may have finally "betrayed" us...and his family. It brings a sad hue to this Veterans Day. He my not realize it, but should have. He just got "swallowed"! He has become a victim of sexpionage. Read the book of that title by David Lewis and read the sex resolution under issues at this website. And now Gen. Allen! When will it end?

Jill Kelley may have been running a "honey trap"( the espionage targeting of high government officials

through sexual compromise) and been in the employ of a foreign intelligence service. Her maiden name is Khawam. She and her sister, Natalie may be spies for Lebanan and the Arab world!? With Muslim infiltration being a major threat to our government, the CIA could not overlook even a casual relationship with these "Mata Hari" sisters.

Gen. Petraeus is stepping down, something Gen. Eisenhower never did...and he was rewarded with the American Presidency. Now this is a man who sent thousands of refugees fleeing the communists of Stalin's army....back into their hands. How do you think those eastern Europeans felt about that? Many committed suicide rather than return. Ike could go back to his mistress and say, he was just taking orders"!

He also betrayed Joseph McCarthy in his battle to expose communist infiltration of our government. Thanks to him and the communist ACLU we no longer have either House or Senate committees to investigate groups whose goal is the overthrow of the United States government. We are now paying the price with the results of the last election and their control of the Democrat Party...and President Obama. Shades of Hugo Chavez!

Russia has long trained men and women and boys and girls as ravens and swallows(respectively) to please and compromise persons in high position in order to blackmail and control them for their purposes...something unfortunately the mob and the Democrat Party do today. And, yes, some Republicans too. It is a sad tale of child abuse.

It saddens me to see such moral decay not only in our military but our society as a whole. It disgusted me when I served, and its worse now. Our military has become Plato's military, even a UN-american military. I wonder when they will learn not to go off blindly to unconstitutionally declare UN wars at the command of morally decayed they did in the Vietnam Era?

Gen. Petraeus of course leaves the question of other affairs. Did it affect the situation in Benghazi? Now to the benefit of the Obama administration, he will not testify!!?? He did the right thing in stepping down, but only after being found out. Sadly, if all people serving did so for such behavior, we would lose a great many of them. They unfortunately are just a reflection of our society as a whole.

Now, even Fox news is trying to use the "mob" argument that this should not matter as long as it doesn't affect his job performance. Why should we lose such a good general? Just ask Benedict Arnold? A British woman was able to turn his heart against us. The argument Fox uses may cover for the likes of Bill O'Reilly or Lynn Cheney, and Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, or Arnold Schwartzneggar. But, I don't think so. Morals don't matter as long as they do their job? So says the "red" Devil!

Fox goes along with the argument that sexual misconduct is a small thing....if I am a kind and charitable, or "effective" person. Such logic is a gross misconception for those who take an oath to defend this land of liberty.

The military says "loose lips, sink ships"....and so do lose morals. Joseph of Biblical fame had to pass the moral test two generals have just failed. His chose to flee the scene saved two nations----Egypt and Israel. Will such men really save America!?

We can of course look at that great Presidential womanizing team of Kennedy and Johnson. They were called "Camelot", and lost the Vietnam War. In the play, Richard Harris, as the king loses the dream of Camelot and the Round Table. Why, because of his own indiscretions, in the form of an illegitimate son, and those of his adulterous wife. Sir Lancelot who attributes his string of victories to his purity, also loses his. The dream of "might for right" rather than "might makes right" deteriorates into a needless war. That should be a lesson for America!

The soviet plan for the moral decay and fall from within of America has been highly successful. Soon such our military will be turning in on us as it did in countries like Russia or Germany. So you will have to forgive me if I am not elated on this!....Veterans day.