GOP Convention

Post date: Jul 25, 2016 3:16:19 AM

The last night of the convention definitely was not the evening to make America virtuous again. We had Gov. Fallin, the "tainted lady" speak in favor of Donald Trump. Her wearing a cross is more hypocracy than I can handle. She tried to force common core on OK even though both houses of their legislature stood against it. Public response was too great for her not to sign the bill. This is another example of a compromised person supporting the wrong issue.

Then we had Peter Thiel, the billionaire, telling us how proud he was to be a Republican...a conservative...and a Homosexual American. If I were there I would have walked out at that point. There is no such thing as an American homosexual. American only applies to his location. American, first of all, refers to Freemen obedient to the God of this nation. He obviously is not! Paul Ryan is known for his support of the Special Rights for Homosexuals Bill. Apparently he and Reince Priebus have decided to become conservative democrats and help them promote this major communist attack on America. Mr. Priebus wants to include them into a broader tent. Sorry heaven doesn't work that way...and money will not get you there.

And what does Donald Trump represent? Transgender bathrooms, philandering, and adultery? If you think these people are going to save our country from tyranny, then you probably believe a bad tree can bear good fruit. Does the Spirit of Liberty dwell in unholy temples? Mr. Trump gave a very good speech. If he lives up to it, he will become a very good president. But no, he is not the only one that can do it. Many great people are being kept out by the rigged system that wants only morally compromised candidates that can be blackmailed and controlled.

FDR spoke like Ronald Reagan before his election, but went socialist south after getting into office. That tree didn't bear good fruit. What would you expect from another adulterer? They seems to run in that party. What happened to this country during the Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton years? There isn't any evidence of Obama doing so, but he sure went down the homo road. The GOP seems to be transforming into a conservative democrat party. They tried McCain and that didn't work. They would have tried Schwartzneggar, but he couldn't legally run for president.

Now we have Trump. Our chose is between him and the transgender-lesbian?...Clinton. Donald says he will protect the LGBTQ community, but will he protect us from them? No, those 49 homosexuals killed in Orlando were not...great Americans. They were great Soviets, just like the democrats are the "God is dead" party. The party of "make love, not war"; and "if it feels good, do it". It stands for feelings and needs, but not god-given rights.

Actually, Donald Trump might be a secret member of the John Birch Society. They are the main force working to stop the TPP and TTIP. They are working to expose the attack on police and give them support. And they have been warning about the immigration problem for years. JBS wants to give more protection to religious freedom, protect the second amendment, stop common core, and get rid of abusive bureaucracies. Is Donald "stealing" their material. Well, at least he's not following Hillary, getting all her material from the CPUSA! He probably isn't; he's not moral enough. That's more the Libertarian role.

Mrs Trump was criticized for her speech, some of which carried the same dreams we all have. The difference is in how you go about it. Do you use Americanism...or Communism? Melonia did say "we will have programs for everyone". The government isn't suppose to have programs for anyone, rich or poor. That would be communism. There are elements of socialism and Americanism in both of their speeches. The line I like best came from Trump's daughter about her father; "if you have to think anyway, think big!" Now you all know I've been trying to do that for a long time....but you folks have been thinking too small....and you haven't been listening! What can I say? I guess I'm just too sexy!?