Post date: Jun 17, 2018 3:51:09 AM

Beware the "GOP cult", is the latest battle cry from the Soviet/Democrat left. Again, a case of calling your opposition what you are. The main sign of a too much sex, sex, sex,...all over the place. Too much pornography, promiscuity and homo-sexuality gives them VD of the brain....eyes that don't see...and ears that don't hear. Reason is truth and truth is eternal. Socialism is the opposite. It yields no reason(common sense)...or truth!

Those on the left over use their "commie" brain and then shout their favorite F-word at President Trump and anyone else who doesn't bow to them. They can send you such "terms of endearment"! Since our President also falls into that style of behavior, you could say there is a "Trump Cult". At least he's against abortion.

That brings us to the second characteristic of a cult. And that is to shed innocent blood. Is it any coincidence that the name callers all support abortion? We have cults like the "Bohemian Grove" and the "Skull and Bones". Many famous politicians and reporters have belonged to them...from both parties. The Bible refers to the "Groves", symbolic of debauched moral behavior where false priests practiced orgies in worship of Baal(actually Satan). In worship of the "Golden Calf"? They descended into human sacrifice...of even children.

The "golden" brothel owner of the Bunny Ranch has now won the GOP nomination for the NV legislature. Neither party has moral standards for their candidates. There are "cults" within both of them. Heidi Fleiss of Washinton D.C. fame was there to give "comrade" Dennis Hof her "moral" support! To bad we were never able to get her list of clients years ago. What a revelation that would have been. Whether a brothel or a "dating" service, it is done to compromise and blackmail government leaders.

By the way, all those "russian women" can quit sending me their emails now. It's not working! Russia is known for setting up visiting officials. The Trump story is false, but symbolically correct. With the type of Secret Service we have, who needs enemies. The leader of our military says he doesn't care who you sleep long as you can do the job. That is our UN-American military for you!? It doesn't quite fit the definition of: "will Freemen Stand"?