GOP Debates III

Post date: Nov 3, 2015 2:41:42 AM

At the end of the last Presidential election, the "super-pac" media programmed us to a Clinton vs Bush contest for 2016. The debates are all for show. Backroom deals have been made to make it so and money has been distributed to all the controlled candidates, just to make it look good. The democrat chose seems set regardless of any scandals. They didn't hurt her husband and they may not keep Hillary from being nominated. The Benghazi hearings, as I heard months ago, turned into a "wax" job for Sec. Clinton. Did you think Trey Gowdy was really going to take down another lawyer!? Government for and by the lawyers moves on.

Donald Trump has thrown a wrench into the plans for another Bush. If they cannot get Jeb in, they will move on to either Christie or Rubio. Someone is being set up for a "comeback". All of a sudden newspapers will endorse that chose as they did for McCain years ago. Maybe it will be Gov. Kasich? The main purpose for all these GOP candidates is to keep the votes from concentrating around either Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. They don't want anyone who will stand against the ponzi welfare state....and none have yet.....except yours truly.

Now to the debate at hand:

Kasich -- sounded more like a democrat playing the same can'titis games they would play. We can't deport, we can't

break up families, we can't have same rate tax structure for every one. All the other limited government ideas

from the other candidates just won't work! And we must not change social security.

This is the great ponzi game set up by the communist left via FDR, that taught us all to accept "socialism". If only we had done what that "terrible" Gen. Pinochet had done in Chile over three decades ago, we wouldn't still be promot-ing a program that has only IOU's in it. He gave the people a chose to privatize it, and they did so, and are doing much better than us. Ronald Reagan was given a plan which would have done the same thing, plus one that would have reigned in the Federal Reserve System. Our country may now go bankrupt because he did nothing with it. It must be done. Is it better late than never? Maybe now it is too late?

Gov. Kasich did say that welfare and medicare should be moved back to the states. That is a step in the

right direction.... for all social programs. There would be far less fraud at the local level, except for the big

cities like Chicago that are no better than branch offices for the federal government. Local control will still have

a major overall positive effect....especially if we make the states use their own money.

Bush -- Like every GOP candidate, he says we need to reform social security and medicare. Russia would say that too

You don't reform a bad thing, you replace it. He really did himself in with his "college boy" false flag attack on Sen

Rubio. His brother G.W. just had to weigh in with his "know nothingism" comment about the other leading candidates. He should talk!? His lies destroyed the GOP and put a communist in office for eight years. What are the Bush's on!?

Rubio -- Even when running for the Senate in FL, he has always impressed me with his cool and calm answers to difficult

questions and tense situations. He did so again when attacked by Jeb Bush. His comment about the "super-

pac" media was right on and the best comment of the night. He's still young he for a pathway to citizen-

ship? I often think of a line from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" when Sean Connery says to his son when frustrated

with him...Jun..yah!

Cruz -- Did very well and set the tone for transforming the debate from one of personalities to one about principles. He's

starting to sound like me, calling the democrats Bolsheviks. And yes, why should the GOP submit to moderators

from the democrat left? He calls for an audit of the Fed. It's really a counterfeiting ring that needs to come to an

end. No tax on the first 36,000 of income? What happened to equal treatment under the law ...and why should I

have to subsidize other families with tax breaks? I don't like his stand on H-1B workers. I tend to think he is the

most constitutional candidate(after me). I am concerned that his wife worked for Goldman-Sachs and helped write

the plan for a "path to citizenship". That's establishment code for amnesty and invasion!

Trump -- Is he, like Kasich, a republicrat or a democan?

Huckabee -- Thinks Trump is better than Hillary? Really? Not by much. They both want single-payer healthcare. He did say social security is(should have been) our money. He introduced the phase: what is best for the country.

Socialism sure isn't!

Paul -- This was his best night. He has many good constitutional stands. But raising the age of social security benefits

or means testing smacks of the communist left where this idea came from in the first place.

Carson -- like Trump did not say much. He was right about reducing regulations and ending government subsidies. He is

correct about an equal percentage tax or a fair tax.

Fiorina -- She made the point that government(socialism) causes the problem and then offers a false solution. Government works for the well connected.

Christie -- also made a good point about principles over personality. He believes in "climate change".?

That's all I can remember for now. Most did well, especially Rubio and Cruz...and Fiorina. Still think Bush, Christie, Paul, and Kasich should go home. Don't have much to say about the second tier debate. Should any of them move up? As I said, no one took on the welfare state. Too many stood for some form of a pathway to citizenship. Amnesty and Gay rights will destroy our nation....not to mention bailouts, TPA, and the Pacific and Atlantic Union treaties. Unfortunately, our new Speaker of the House is for all of them. You had better pray alright!? The Congress hasn't responded to it yet! They pray and give us more communism. Maybe the commie red devil is their God!?