GOP Hypocrisy

Post date: Dec 4, 2017 4:14:22 AM

Since the U.S.Senate race of 2012, I have not been allowed to speak or compete because of the WI GOP "womanizer/adulterer rule". In a party council interview given to all candidates, I said I would not support a "Schwartzneggar" candidate if that person won the primary. All others said they would regardless of their moral character.

I obviously could not because of the "Resolution".

That same year Roger Rivard, an assemblyman from Rice Lake, was defeated by Democrat Stephen Smith because the state GOP leaders came out against him for his comments about women; "women rape easy". Roger had a past history worse than Judge Moore. For that reason, I run as a write-in against him. But, he had been a loyal supporter of all Gov. Walker want to do legislatively, especially Act 10.

The following comments are what he got for payback:

Mitt Romney............"reprehensible"

Gov. Walker............."offensive and disrespectful...indefensible"

Tommy Thompson......."indefensible"

Sen. Johnson............."alarming and destructive"

Cong. Ryan................"outrageous and offensive...indefensible"

Cong. Duffy................"absurd and inappropriate".(this all comes from a Steve Smith campaign flyer)

Someone in this group has something to cover for... and all the WI legislators in this group have supported him! All their descriptive terms apply in reverse to them. They should have praised Mr. Rivard for his comment about our schools turning our children into animals---totally devoid of moral control. Homosexuality, promiscuity, pornography, and adultery--that was the subject of the Barron County Sex Resolution that even Roger Rivard had voted for. The state GOP, lead by Reince Priebus, did not like it and sent Sean Duffy into the county to drive the real conservatives out, take it off the county website, and hold questionable elections to replace the county leaders that had signed onto the Resolution.

Strange behavior by "Christians"!? The Rivard situation was a golden opportunity to defend and warn our youth. Instead they decoyed us away from it. A statement was made that the state party "is not going to let a bunch of radical right-wing Christian nuts run the party!" A sleeper agent couldn't have said it any better. It seems the only real Republicans are those who either are womanizing adulterers....or those who are willing to vote for one over someone who isn't. How many times has the GOP tried that....and gotten whipped?

We are now seeing this GOP hypocrisy on the national level in Alabama with the campaign of Judge Moore. How many "Rhinos" have set out to get him?...without any proof of wrong doing! What are they hiding? Who has compromised them? Maybe some of those Russian women that won't leave me alone. If this was John McCain, they would love him! The redder the heiney, the bigger the mouth! How about those Democrats! How about all the media and Hollywood people? What will come out against Judge Moore the day before the election? "Only the Shadow knows!"