Post date: Feb 13, 2017 12:55:00 AM

Will he be another "Roberts"? Many conservatives have praised the choice and "put us at ease". The pro-choice-pro gay Koch brothers support him. It appears that Pres. Trump did not interview better pro-life candidates that were on ...or off his list. Ronald Reagan got it wrong with Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy; and Bush I got it wrong with David Souter. All were supposed to be pro-life, but turned out to be pro--choice. Bush II said they became pro-choice after getting out of office. Gorsuch's earlier unanimous conformation may have been because Democrats knew he was pro-choice.

He came out of Harvard law school. So did Alger Hiss. Comrade Dershewitz, head of the communist ACLU and Harvard law school, also supports him? Fox news gives him too much propaganda time. Of course, not all Harvard lawyers are communists? Some play the role of conservative very well. Judge Gorsuch has been a member of the notorious CFR. That stands for the Council of Foreign Relations founded in 1919 with the goal of destroying America's sovereignty and bringing us into ,as Bush would say, "a New World Order". They are what I would call our new "British" elite that are the "riggers" of our society. Read former FBI agent Dan Smoot's book(on my book list), "The Invisible Government". They support a One-World-Socialist-Police State under the control of the UN. "Get them out of the US!"

Judge Gorsuch joined in a decision against transgender discrimination. Our President and daughter(and husband) have done the same. What happened to "drain the swamp" here? They have stopped a religious protection executive order. Yes the President can end Obama's order. It is not set law. It violates "Natural law", therefore it is "null and void". I have no sympathy for anyone who would the support gay agenda. It is the "spearhead" of the communist attack on America that is bringing us down from within!.

Gorsuch belongs to a Presbyterian church in Boulder CO with a Rev. Susan Springer. She supports Gay marriage, climate change, and abortion. She also participated in the Women's March in CO. Sounds like a "social justice" communist-front church to me, just like Obama's. The judge that ruled against Trump's immigration ban used that phrase to justify his decision. The Red "nutty ninth" has betrayed us again.