Governor Scott Walker

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:14:05 PM

I ran for the governorship the same year he was elected, but came out of the convention with lime disease thus ending my candidacy. As I left I listened to the Marxist demonstrators running him down and predicting his defeat. Sometimes it's hard not to fall for such hate and negative psychological warfare.

Scott Walker on the other hand calmly and confidently said, "help is on the way!". It was a great comfort to hear, and even better when he won! The union hate games did not work....nor did they end afterwards. He had to win it again. And still they wouldn't give up their hatred of all that is right for Wisconsin.

His family has had to endure continual insults and even death threats. Such is the fascist behavior of those who support his opponent, Mary Burke. The "mob" just hates to lose elections, and they are indeed rich. That element still strongly exists in our state and country.

Their favorite profession is probably that of a lawyer. How else can you get into the system and change laws to protect fellow criminals and their crimes? How else can their controlled judges subvert the will of the people? They are all part of what the FBI used to call the inter-national communist criminal conspiracy.

They continually waste our time and money through the false John Doe investigations of Scott Walker. They know image is everything and a false one is even order for them to bring down Gov. Walker. Half our people really no longer stand for American values and prefer those offered by the Mob: gambling, drinking, sex, and sports.

The Governors race in WI is now an even race. But why should it be!? Scott Walker has saved our state from bankruptcy and put many school districts into the black, even leftist Milwaukee. What is the matter with Wisconsinites? Are they insane? Are they morally nuts? Are they still so "progressive that they have no financial sense at all!?

This Governor's race should not even be close. But such seems to be the nature of our society today that half would rather chose evil over good. Damn the Constitution and morality. We will have no God over us! Happy Fourth of July!?

Thomas B. Macaulay stated in 1842 that: "Your republic will be ravaged in the 20th Century just as the Roman Empire was in the 5th...your barbarians will be the people of your own country and products of your own institutions."

Robert K. Thomas wrote: "Citizenship may be more than a matter of birth or formal naturalization. For unless one truly promotes the common welfare of his country(liberty), he is an alien in the oldest sense of that term; estranged from his fellows. Citizenship is a declaration of dependence upon one another(and a declaration of independence from government), a recognition that only in unity is there strength and security that is moral as well as physical. The natural expression of that identification and that security is PATRIOTISM!"

If Scott Walker does not win this election, the revolution we rejoiced in when he was elected will suffer a major set-back. Moscow and its minions in WI will celebrate the further downfall of America from within. We must not allow that to happen. Onward, Scott Walker!