Post date: Jun 19, 2016 11:46:35 PM

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of seeing our national flag flying at half staff!......every time an enemy attacks. You don't do that during a war(and we are at war). You keep picking it off the ground if need be and keep it flying high . Are we supposed to be doing this to honor the families of "enemy" victims? As I travel, I see this all across our land. I feel like I'm seeing the white flag of surrender in the face of the enemy. Locations around the world put on rainbow light displays to show their support of international communism. The rainbow is the symbol of all the groups that are controlled by them.

Is this all being done to appease the homo-communist left? Is this the kind of PC that Donald Trump would support? We all know Hillary Clinton does. We hear that the parents go to a "gay" church. Really!!? If it's gay, the only church it could represent is the church of Satan. It's more likely a communist-front church. And this is what we are lowering our national and state flags for!!? Are the parents that "dumb"? I bet they didn't have the courage to discipline their children when they were young. Were they non-judgmental and supportive of all their choices? Did they protect their children from the natural results of their decisions? If so, that's probably why they lost them. They may want to fly their own flags at half-staff, but I'm not doing so with the national or state flag.

As a candidate over the years, now and then I ran into voters who are deeply affected and saddened by the immoral choices of their children. They obviously don't like my political stand on the issue of homosexuality. They would rather support the communist left homosexual movement than stand against that threat to our liberty. They seem to take the attitude that they would rather go to hell with their children than go to heaven alone!? I prefer the latter. Why should we pay the consequences for someone else's choices? Yes, it's sad, but we cannot control the decisions of others. We can let them know that each choice has clear consequences. I'd much rather go to heaven alone than go to hell with anyone. Why should we pay for someone else's sins(slave reparations)? "The Plan of Salvation" is very clear---"shape up, or ship out"....or die...a permanent spiritual death. This is neither half-staff...or...white flag country!

Other news:

------- The Orlando attack is now being used by the fifth column communist left to do there things: set up more protection for the homo/pedophilia class, more protection for the Muslim invasion, and three....limit 2nd amendment rights. This gives impetus to the Gay Bill of Special Homosexual Rights sponsored by Paul Ryan. It would require churches to hire gays or face federal lawsuits. Forty-three GOP Senators have already supported the transgender agenda of Obama. The military has been handed over to them. Ft. Riley cancelled a prayer breakfast sponsored by Franklin Graham. It would have featured LT. Gen.Wm "Jerry" Boykin, an original member of Delta Force. A communist front with the name of : Military Religious Freedom Foundation, filed a protest calling him a homophobic, Islamaphobic, fundamental Christian extremist. This is the kind of UN-American military that will someday be sent into your communities to get those right-wing radicals. UN forces are known for leaving special immoral calling cards wherever they go.

------- The House has voted to allow illegal aliens to serve in our military. Sen John McCain supports drafting women into the military. All this is being done as it was done in the 60's, to keep the elite ruling class from having to serve their equal share. Wonder why they stand for trans-sexual bathrooms, co-ed dorms, and income equality; but don't demand service equality....unless it's "community service". It seems they don't want the equal privilege of dying for their country. Gen. Patton said that its not our responsibility to die for our country, but make those poor dumb b#$%tards die for their country. The college "heroes" have their own take on that.

------- The Orlando massacre seems to follow the same modus operandi of others with a Muslim man influenced by federal agent provocateurs. Sound too far fetched? Remember, a socialist government.....is a "lyin" government. The US government claims to be fighting radical Muslims, but arms them in Syria and Libya. They seem to get taken off watch lists. DHS whistleblower Philip Haney, as reported by Fox news, was ordered to purge his extensive files on terrorist groups. His book is called the "Clarion Project".

------- Remember communism does not allow for free thought. West coast states are requiring ONLY the teaching of "Global Warming"....the official Soviet version of environmentalism. Green on the outside and red in the middle. Hate speech is anything that doesn't go along with communist agitprop or criticizes groups of people controlled by them, especially the gay community.