Harry's Heiny

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 8:39:59 PM

Heiny Harry and his royal behind were exposed in Las Vegas, where all that goes on there....stays there? And his brother lived with his future wife for two years before the wedding. Such royal moral leadership hasn't changed much through history.

The rest of the people can just "eat cake" in these difficult times while they play in opulence.

With Europe falling on hard economic times and the Muslims all but taking over England, I guess they really know what's important to the survival of their country. Such conduct by leaders leads to the downfall of countries and false wars.

We've had the same misfortune with leaders like Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton. Let us not leave out such GOP bastions of virtue as Gingrich, Guiliani, McCain, and Schwartzneggar. And then we have our Secret Service, well portrayed by Clint Eastwood, who can't seem to keep their service... secret; ...unless it applies to presidents. Now the head if I.C.E. has had to step down because of her conduct.

What great shape we are as a country!? I take great offense from people who claim the right of rulership who have never served this country faithfully. As a Vietnam veteran and officer, I did something none of them did: I remained faithful to my God...and my country.

I never betrayed them to the communist goals of promiscuity, adultery, pornography, or homosexuality. It's unfortunate that our president may have been subject to such behavior from his communist mentor in Hawaii.

Their privileged and protected lives offend me because I know how difficult it was to hang on to the values I learned in my youth. The sixties fulfilled those Marxist goals through such slogans as; God is dead, if it feels good do it, and make love-not war. It was difficult to remain true to the values of virtue under such conditions and the atmosphere of the military

Now the armed services have betrayed us to the homosexual movement. Now their mission is to not only service and protect women,...but men also!

This new Platonian/UN military will lead us into a police state. It happened in Nazi Germany and it will happen here.

I'm glad I don't have to serve in such an atmosphere today. I will close with this question:

If you whore and kill for your country, which country would you be serving?

a) Communist Russia

b) Nazi Germany

c) British England

d) America/One Nation under God.

e) The UN

f) All the above

g) a,b,c, and e