"H#### White Women"

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:40:00 PM

Does that title upset you? Read on! This topic came up while adding to my last commentary about Ferguson. I was called out for a moment to help another driver. We deliver RV's for Winnebago in IA. Our company does so. Before leaving the driver room I turned my computer around so no one could read my user name.

Soon as I came back, there was a black fellow sitting in my chair and "messing" with my laptop.

After taking him to task for it, I said by mistake, "now you know my password". As I began to change it, he confirmed all I had just written about in my last commentary.

He suggested I change it to HORNY WHITE WOMEN!!! What would you do at that point? I didn't. I looked him in the eye and said, "I don't think that low!" He just couldn't keep his big mouth shut. I think black people have been taught "motor mouth" as some psychological technique to drive white people "crazy". He kept repeating the offensive phase and suggesting other things that were none of his business. I decided to write him up for his offensive racist statement and turn it into the company. The white witness did not want to get involved. The company has decide it should be overlooked(appeased)!? As Stalin used to say, we spit in their face and they call it dew! (It still is in process)

This is standard behavior for 90% of the black race . It hasn't changed since I was young. They always have that gutter mouth. He definitely fulfilled the definition of "nigger". So what's not to love about them!? Do you think the white citizens of Ferguson have gotten tired of this type of culture forced upon them by a corrupt government?

HORNY WHITE WOMEN really defines race relations in America. The communist black movement has long taught "evil" blacks to get not only their women pregnant out of wedlock, but especially white women too. Get Whitey is their motto. You conquer a culture by getting to their women and flaunting it in their faces. It gives them so much pleasure to do so. Remember, our "great savior" president was created this way.

They love their culture of hate....for all that is good. Of course Obama, Sharpton, and Jackson are all on board on this. So were Martin Luther King, O.J. Simpson, Bill Cosby, and Tiger Woods. The naïve do not comprehend such evil. It again fulfills Lenin"s command to force the United States to spend itself into destruction through commie-fare(welfare). (Come to think of it people like McCain, Schwartzneggar, and Gingrich have been good to go with that too.) Such people should be banished from any community in accordance with what I just wrote in my last commentary. The death penalty would keep them from coming back.

They've come a long way since plantation days when you couldn't look upon a white women. Now apparently white women can't wait to lay down for communism. As Hillary would say, we mustn't let the "evil" GOP set back all the progress that has been made! HORNY WHITE WOMEN may now be the new slogan for race relations in America? Now if this upsets you good white people, remember, you and I are racists ...and owe him an apology...and also slave reparations.!!