Post date: Jun 13, 2016 1:41:53 AM

Has always existed and always will. The free market is a god given fact that determines income levels. Natural abilities determine the rest. Since the communists hate God, their ideas "make" sense. The choice is unequal prosperity... or equal poverty income determined by government. All are equally poor except for the rich ruling politicians. Income inequality is the consistent "energizer bunny" that has kept communism going down through the eons of time.

It is another CPUSA slogan that goes along with: black lives matter, kill the police, burn baby burn, and get whitey. The goal has always been to get the "rich" white establishment.......that funds communism!!! The last symbol of "White" power that needs to be overcome is the GOP....and the our modern day "Tea Party". Once that happens, America will be Amerika! We are in the final stages of a revolution planned decades ago. It has been progressive for over 100 years. The communist controlled minorities are being used with great success to finish us off. Unless.....white people get back their "White" power. "Black" power must not win the day! I'm tired of the conservative media covering for them by just calling them far left...or progressive. It's like calling Castro the "George Washington" of Cuba.


------ June 6th we remembered the "Operation Overlord" landing of WWII. Thousands died in order to establish a beachhead in Europe. Now it seems all our "great" citizens can do is come out in support of the enemy transgender program. While campaigning for US Senator in WI, I stopped at my alma mater, the UW at Stevens Point to see the ROTC Department. It used to be battalion size, now its down to just over platoon size. So few willing to protect so many. And what did the "hero" many just do there to show their heroism?....pass transgender bathrooms!? You want to know why our country is so messed up? The same type of morally decayed draft dodging citizens of my generation now control all of business, education, media, and government.(just look at the Kennedys, the Clintons, and Donald Trump)

----- Why did the GOP go into a minority controlled city to hold their national convention? Why not a good white city like Green Bay Wisconsin? Maybe the "Col. Sanders" republicans are afraid of being called racist? We have learned from Baltimore and San Jose that cities controlled by the Soviet democrat party are not going to protect citizens from the communist controlled minorities. Be ready for something big to happen in Cleveland....besides the convention.

----- CA and the Soviet ninth District court have decided that citizens may not "conceal and carry", unless you can prove to the new Soviet party there just cause. Good luck with that. Our enemies attacked in Orlando today. Sen. Sessions says more will happen. PC does not allow profiling of our enemies. That would be racist.

----- Someone in a discussion group on Fox described Hillary Clinton as "pure evil". So is the "evil empire" and its forces in the United States. You can throw the whole democrat party into that, plus all the "minorities", and the rhinos. Communism is the "essence of evil" and its all around us. Tyranny has many faces, freedom only one.