Post date: Apr 28, 2015 8:39:19 PM

The GOP Convention is over. The Romneys, Paul Ryan, Gov. Christie, and Sen. Rubio gave the best talks. I don't know that we needed Eastwood's off-color comments? Next week we must endure the CPUSA rally in Charlotte!...the convention of hate and anger...and class warfare. Yes, half our people are now allied with Moscow, not only morally, but economically and politically! (if not overtly, then ig...norantly)

Instead of love for our country, we will get hate America speeches disguised behind the love of freedom. Instead of hearing about RIGHTS, we will hear about WANTS. Instead of the hearing about the freedom to do good... with our own money, we will hear about the freedom to do evil...with someone else's money.

Instead of marrying and earning our own way, we will hear about how to have children out of wedlock and make others pay the way. Instead of property rights, we will hear about entitlements. Instead of unequal prosperity, we will hear about equal poverty. Instead of independence from government and dependence on our Creator, we will hear about dependence on government and man.

Instead of assuming responsibility for our actions, we will hear about how it was someone else's fault. Instead of learning to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, we will hear about how to steal someone else's boot! Instead of equal protection under the law, we will hear about class(and race) law. Instead of bringing people to virtue, we will hear about how to bring them to vice and moral decay.

Instead of the American motto of God, family, and country: we will hear: we are god, sleep with us, and we will steal someone else's money...all, of course, disguised behind the socialist version of religion. How many of you are familiar with huge network of not only KGB/GRU churches set up in our land, but also the infiltration of most other churches.... promoting "social justice" and the homosexual agenda?

Is this going to be just a progressive democrat convention or the biggest communist party rally in America? That is what I call any event where "comrade Obama" speaks. This will be your chance to hear pure communist party propaganda on any subject. From the slogans to the rhetoric, it will be no different than if you were in a secret pro-cell meeting in your local community.

The question is not, "Is he a socialist?" The question should be, "Is he a communist?" Instead of "Hope and Change", we got "Dope and Change". Instead of "Forward", we got Backwards". And that is ..A..FACT! Are you Freeman enough to deal with it?! If not, you had better get some ear-plugs.