Post date: Nov 22, 2015 11:10:17 PM

The invasion of Europe began years ago as it did in the United States. Beginning with the tactic of both illegal and legal immigration, it now is using the refugee tactic to overrun and conquer nations. As Glen Beck has said, the Communists, Nazis, and the Muslims(and sports teams) are coming together in a fifth column attack in Europe...and now America. The latest attacks in Paris opens the door to greater police powers for the government and decrease of personal liberties under the guise of security.

Hitler knew how to use the socialist tactic of controlling both sides of the conflict in order to call for more government restrictions. Socialist Russia and China know how to play the game....and now so does Socialist Amerika. Why must we take in "refugees", most of which are military age? Do you have extra room in your home or extra money in your budget? Is something being built up in time for the next elections?

The communist controlled minorities are "ready for war" and want to "bring America down". You may have noticed that only non-white cultures are refugees and can immediately come into the country. Someone called it white genocide. White Europeans must be vetted for a period of 18-24 months. This is another example of the "get whitey" and part of the "white privilege" war waged by the Communist Internationle. How come none of our leaders seem to know that? They should know the "enemy within".

Thirty-one Governors have refused to accept the refugees. Gov. Pence is being sued again by guess who...the ACLU,

also known as the american communist lawyers union. Where in the Constitution does the federal government derive the power to force other cultures into the states...and communities? Next it will be your homes. I bet the UN and our "Soviet "Supreme Court have something to do with it. Obama may be able to force them onto federal lands in each state. Odds are the Catholic church will be there to help...for the "bribe" money. They did so to take in our southern border invaders; and they did so helping set up Sanctuary cities, The CPUSA is against the death penalty...and so is Pope Francis!? He is looking far more Marxist...than American.

BABO is again mocking all those white republicans that are afraid of "little children and little old ladies". This is just another psycho-war tactic to break down resistance and portray that resistance as uncaring folks. Is he really going to bring millions!? Once that line is crossed, there is no end to it. The problem needs to be solved at its origin, not somewhere else. Does our President want to create a domestic disturbance just in time for the elections?....just so he can call for martial law and suspend elections!? Comrade Al Sharpton has 100 cities ready to erupt...and now maybe 100 campuses.? If you think that is far fetched, then maybe you are a "dreamer"!

The greatest threat to our country lays within. I'm still waiting for a presidential candidate that can talk about more than ISIS. ISIS is the symptom, not the cause. Congress is selling the big lie that we must take them saying that they will be vetted. How is that working on our southern border?! Children are still coming across at record numbers: 5000 in Oct. and 3000 in Nov. Sometimes I don't think our citizens have any common sense or virtue left in them! Harry Reid says the House bill won't get through the Senate.....good! No one should be coming to our country until we solve the problems with the invaders that are already here. Like your home, no one should be invited in until family conflicts have been resolved.