John Kasich

Post date: Apr 9, 2016 3:58:32 PM

Gov. Kasich is using a Patsy Cline song in his campaign ad. The tune to "Crazy" plays in the background as Cruz is attacked for his father's comments about being "anointed" and Trump for his Muslim statements. I think "can'titis" Kasich is a little off the mark when he says the Bible supports communism(Obamacare) and that we shouldn't deport our invaders because there are just too many of them!?

His inner circle seems to consist of moderate homosexual Republicans. Though married twice(just like me), he lived with a homosexual while in Congress(definitely not like me!). That person was Don Thibaut, his chief of staff. His campaign is now run by two gay men, one the chairman of the Franklin Co. GOP, and Alex Arshinoff, the chair of Summit Co. A police report shows the latter was pulled over by police after picking up young man at 230a in the morning, soliciting him for sex.

Gov. Kasich opposed the Gay Marriage Amendment to the Ohio Constitution approved by the voters in 2004. He also opposes any push back against the Supreme Court pro-gay decision. It is all too obvious that he is in the race to represent the gay agenda....a MAJOR enemy cause! Him and Paul Ryan! If you doubt so, go read the Resolution again. This sure lowers my opinion of OH voters. John Kasich has either been "Swallowed" or Ravened". Those are names for communist agents trained to morally compromise their targets in the "West".

I can usually tell by their "strange" political stands if they have something morally wrong going on or not. It appears Soros is giving Kasich hundreds of thousands of dollars.(25 million to Black Lives Matter too) This man is not qualified to defend us from the enemy within. We are looking for someone at this critical time to save our Republic. Candidates that can be blackmailed for moral improprieties cannot do so!!!