Judge Moore Agitprop

Post date: Nov 11, 2017 3:42:26 AM

So much commie sex in the news! Time to read "The Resolution" again!! The simple goal of the "commu-cratic" (Soviet)Democrat Party is to reduce people to the level of animals. Mob morality begets mob control. Socialism needs a morally decayed people in order to rule over them. If Judge Moore was a Democrat he would be a shoe in for office in that party. The problem is that he is a Republican. And, Republicans are supposed to stand on higher moral ground. Many do not, such as a McCain, McCarthy, Schwartzneggar...or a Trump.(at least they get consent before they do it?) Democrats have no such moral high ground. Such conduct is a badge of honor for the criminal mind.

Democrat parties throughout the world support the International Criminal Conspiracy(ICC). The ICC is another name for.....Communism. You might read J. Edgar Hoover's book, "The Masters of Deceit". That describes the Democrat Party and many in the GOP. The members of the GOP that want Roy Moore to step down are "giving themselves away". Would I believe that such people as McConnell and Rove would be involved in this? Yes!!!

All the communist left has to do is create a doubt in your mind, without any real proof,...and they win if you hesitate to act. When a moral attack is used on a Democrat, it doesn't seem to ever work because morality is not expected of them. The main accuser of Judge Moore is a democrat operative. This is the way the swamp works, putting out lies and allegations at the right moment that cannot be proven. Agitprop? Talk about lying democrats; how about Bill Clinton?! You in Alabama will have to decide.

As I understand it, even when he wins the Senate seat, the state can still overturn the results and give it to the Democrat. It is very "Strange" that his defeated primary opponent will be doing a write-in!? Assuming the worst, he still has almost a forty year clean record. No democrat will likely match that. If you believe the charges made against Judge Moore, you probably also thought Trump couldn't win....and like a democrat didn't care about his morals either. Their sex charges didn't work against Trump then...and they shouldn't work now in the AL Senate race.

They may do things differently in the South, but no 32 year old veteran should ever be dating a teenager.... permission or not! I once was pursued by 19 year old young lady when I was 30! It was a case of mistaken identity. I looked much younger. I wasn't about to go out with her. I finally consented a month later when she turned 20! Wish I could have married her, but that's another story...long over. Wish all those Russian brides would leave me alone. Every day!!? Trial by the Fake media?...Democrats?...or Rhinos? "The pot calling the kettle black". I don't think so. Innocent until proven guilty! As for me, I will stand with Judge Roy Moore.