Post date: Apr 25, 2017 3:44:18 AM

Tonight Sean Hannity is reporting on the language of the left.. Why doesn't call it what it is....the Language of the COMMUNIST LEFT? You don't fight back by "soft-soaping" the truth. Calling it only "Facism of the left" isn't quite truthful. As I have written before, everything coming out of the mouth of a Democrat is nothing but the PURE language of the Communist left. "Hate whitey" is still the battle cry that has come out in several issues during the last week.

The latest Communist slogan is "White People, Can do Better". Such was the title of a work shop at Northeastern University Law School. Sounds like the condescending judgement of a lesser culture that needs to "clean it's own dirty doorstep". "White" people are doing just fine. It's "Black" people that need to do better. Of course, I am talking about my usual topic of Virtue. The redder the heiney, the bigger the mouth! Those with overactive rear ends are always saying such things as: capitalism leads to racism, healing spaces, or social justice.

According to them, capitalism drives racism, imperialism, and economic exploitation. The election of Trump re-invigorated bigotry, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and the hatred of Mexicans and illegal immigrants. The crackdown on the border is based upon the "Principles of White Supremacy" says Kevin de Leon, the Democrat leader of the CA Senate from LA. Ca should talk? Crime is up in California because the Democrats have let more criminals out of jail...most likely with the help of the ACLU.

From Harvard to Northeastern, what is going on in our law schools? The NE event calls for better understanding of their red "colleagues of color". Don't worry. Us real white people understand you RED RACISM very well. We need more good old fashion "White" racism back to counter it. Maybe the election of Donald Trump was a confirmation of that "threat from within"? That enemy is now calling for slave reparations again in the form of permanent free college for all minorities because of the generational emotional damage that slavery has caused. Isn't that pure communism for you?....always trying to punish others for crimes committed by someone else....while ignoring their own! Isn't that a nice way for lesser people to get something free...from a superior culture...without having to work for it?! "Black people are still too black....and white people aren't "White" enough.