Liberty or Captivity?

Post date: Jul 7, 2016 2:21:18 AM

What did we just celebrate this last(?) Fourth of July weekend? The Freedom of Americanism...or the Tyranny of Socialism. Socialism is the process by which the wicked transfer the wealth and virtue of the righteous to themselves. They are turning our country in to a "Tower of Babel" referred to by Benjamin Franklin if God does not rule in the affairs of men. The question on my mind for the holiday was: why celebrate liberty when you are living in captivity....the captivity of Communism? To celebrate Liberty when your are living in Captivity is a gross rationalization. It is the duty of Patriots to anger tyrants. Not to do so would be cowardice. Before every big holiday TOTUS(comrade Obama) just has to poke a stick in our eye. To start the weekend with a declaration by a gay Sec.of Defense that the military will now go transgender and another one by the head of the National Park Service that all bathrooms in the parks will be transgender would seem to indicate that we are living under the moral captivity of communism.

I take it more personal because I used to work summers in the NPS and served in the US Army during the Vietnam era. Why would "good" people want to serve in either one now?! If Freemen would stand this would not be happening. We are now closing the weekend out with the Clinton farce. Apparently Trey Gowdy and James Comey have a lot in common...wet noodle interviews of Hillary Clinton. They prove the point that both parties are corrupt. It also proves the real problem is the high moral corruption of our citizens. I would not call such people Americans!

Stalin said long ago that we could be conquered from within if our virtue and patriotism were destroyed by their fifth column. Commie sex(pornography, homosexuality, promiscuity,etc.) is conquering our land and our liberties. To allow such people to sing our National Anthem is a travesty and a mockery. The Marxist campaign to get people(especially our youth) interested in sports and sex and away from religion is going very well. Just ask Aaron Rodgers. His "wench" said on nationwide television that he may have lost the game because he may have had too much sex the night before. America is losing the game too...for the same reason. Such comments should not be coming across the airwaves. The NFnL is good at doing one thing--insulting our "civil" sensibilities. Isn't it about time to quit worshiping all these false American sports teams?!

Virtue is the only standard for American Liberty. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to presidential candidates either. America has become the "King in invisible clothes" because of it. Yes, we are living under tyranny again. We are living in a time when our freedom is as precarious as it was during the Revolutionary War. Will there be enough Freemen to rise up and take our country back from the new "British" elites? The righteous mourned back then their rule by the wicked. This past weekend has not been a time to rejoice in Liberty, but a time to decry libertinism and treason. Our founders said, "let not men openly irreligious and immoral become your legislators..." What chose are you making?....and who will you vote for? Will it be Virtue and Liberty....or moral decay and Tyranny? As for me: "Give me Liberty, or give me death"!