Post date: Sep 5, 2015 8:54:43 PM

Black Lives Matter

Last night Fox News gave us a faux report on "Black Lives Matter". It's a corollary of the communist line that "we are all in it together". What does light have to do with darkness. First of all, "black" lives do not matter!!! Black has always been the symbolic color of evil....and so has red. Both come together in this topic, but was glossed over by Megyn Kelly. This is literally a communist lead attack on police using the most morally decayed community in a

America. If there is a problem in our land about any issue, you can bet your life on it that Moscow is somewhere in the shadows....especially with homosexual and transgender movement too.

Long ago the Poliburo said it could not take over America from within unless they could control the black community in America(per J.Edgar Hoover--"Masters of Deceit"). How so? Read the Barron Co. Resolution. Destroy the family through pornography, adultery, promiscuity, and homosexuality. What I call, pH factor politics. As Gov. Rick Perry said, its time the black man was held accountable for his behavior. With more than 70% now born out of wedlock, I'd say they have betrayed our country. Every culture is responsible for its own behavior. Communism teaches them to blame it on someone else.

No, "black" lives do not matter, especially if they are "red" also. Enemy lives do not matter!!! long as they act like an enemy, or give aid and comfort to them. It is an act of war and should be addressed accordingly. They should be given the option of: shape up, ship out, or die! BLM...IS... a Communist front group using a communist party slogan. Once they say "what do we want?...dead police", they should face immediate deportation. The leaders should face the death penalty ...for raising an insurrection! And don't think Al Sharpton doesn't have 100 cities ready to go for the next election. We are in great danger from within when "the party of Moscow" endorses them.

Where is the Presidential or Senatorial candidate that will tell the truth about this? We need our Senate and House Un-American Activities Committees back. Once on the Attorney General's list, no communist front should be allowed in the streets of America. In an earlier article I encouraged you to read the book, "The Communist Attack on Police" by W. Cleon Skousen, a former FBI agent. It is now playing out "by the book" today. The goal was to inhibit the police in their duties and create disrespect for law and order. It worked in the 60's, when the book was written, and its working today. Like the black woman in St. Louis said on the anniversary of the Brown incident, "we are ready for war"! Putin is blowing this our cities and on our borders.

The communists are very good at hiding behind women and children. They are not going to let go of their new "holiday" in St. Louis. It may time out well for them...just before our next presidential election. "We are ready for war". Are you ready? It is hiding behind the "white privilege" movement. It's time for "White" power to re-establish itself in America again. Black people are too "black", and white people are not "White" enough.

The Sex Wars Continue

Since our treasonous Supreme Court ruled in favor of the communist sex wars on America, the gay community is not letting up. They are out to get county clerks and destroy religion and morality in America. Evil will never leave good alone. Evil wins when good tolerates evil. Evil calls for tolerance, but never returns "in kind".

Long ago, the CPUSA established a young communist league. It is now playing out in our schools in the form of transgender facilities and seniors that expect sexual favors from under class women as a right of passage for graduating. They will continue to play out pH factor morality in our schools. We can thank Gov. Brown of CA for leading the way. The comrades love their "child molesting". It's a commie right.

More "Get Whitey Attacks"

The imagination of "Comrade Obama" and his commie friends never ceases to amaze me. Now he wants to get whitey by changing the $10 dollar bill. But you say Eleanor Roosevelt is white!? Not really so. She was very Red. Eleanor gave communist front groups picture ops on White House grounds. Guess she was just prejudice against Nazis, so were the communists! Maybe that's why it was ok. FDR spent enough time helping them infiltrate our government and then hiding the records the committees needed, in the White House under "executive privilege".

The communist left won when their man MLK was given a holiday over out two greatest Presidents. Are they going to get whitey again by changing the name of Mt. McKinley back to an Indian name. BABO probably wants to give back all our land to "indigenous peoples", via the UN. Putin wants us to give up the North Pole. What do you think Obama will do!!!? Look for more "dollar" bills to change and white monument names also. This could lead to either MLK or Frederic Douglas replacing Washington or Lincoln!? They are working in the South to remove flags and move statues. Soon they will coming North to do the same.

More "Commie" Hits

--- Will Biden run? He can't do it without approval from comrade Richard Trumpka of the AFL-CIO. Like his predecessors, the Ruether brothers, he was trained in Russia. Was it the Ruether lead unions that got us "Labor Day"? Will "Uncle Joe" save the party; "Uncle Joe" did in Russia.

--- Hillary is calling republicans terrorists. What a dead give away! If you don't agree with the Soviet Democrat Party, you are terrorist, homophobe, racist, Nazi, that hates women, minorities, and poor people. Her party is the party of communism in America. They love the moral goals I have mentioned earlier. Just ask Bill and his latest blonde companion. Free, free, free is the battle cry! Free love and free money!

--- Donald trump told Jorge Ramos off. So should the rest of us. The Latino left now wants 2nd Amendment they can be police...and shoot Gringos! You really have got to read my Illegal invasion issue. The Invaders are also demanding(per Mexican Officials) birth certificates...because they need them before they can steal more benefits from us. Maybe we shouldn't call them "anchor babies"? How about "commie babies, cheater babies, or....INVADER BABIES?!!

--- WAB(worldaffairsbrief) exposes Gov. Christie false claim of being the only candidate who has actually prosecuted terrorists. In 2003, as a US Attorney, he threatened the Sheriff of Passiac County. The Sheriff had uncovered a plot in Jersey City by a store there that provided fake ID's for two of the 9/11 hijackers. Christie threatened him with arrest and the shut-down of his department if his detectives carried out a raid and held a press conference. The Sheriff was later rewarded?...with a $199,000 job as Deputy Superintendent of the Port Authority of New York. Christie is too clever a lawyer to be our President. Why should we go from lawyer to lawyer? How about farmer to farmer....such as Washington and Jefferson.

--- In Tennessee, two homosexual activists(communists) burned down their own home in order to claim special victim status. They spray painted their own garage with the word "queers" and tried to blame their neighbors. If the judge had agreed with them, they could have sued their neighbor for "emotion distress". They were also trying to collect $276,000 in homeowners insurance.