Lilliputian Threads III

Post date: Oct 12, 2015 1:40:20 AM

Lilliputian Threads comes from the book titled "Gulliver's Travels". The threads were ropes used by the miniature people of the kingdom Gulliver shipwrecked upon. Threads is the term I choose to use to describe how America is being wrapped or tied down and immobilized by many political events from the communist left that together have become the political correctness rope to hang us with. In regards to the foreign aid we have given Russia for years, Russian patriot Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said of us, "quit giving them the rope to hang us with".

Today the Soviet democrat party is still doing it, especially to us. In two days we will be treated to the first of the "Politburo Debates". The party of "worship us, slept with us, and we'll steal someone else's money" will spend most of their time calling for more free government money and sex. They will be attacking the GOP folks that will not agree with them and probably spend the night talking about "White Privilege". That means "God, Family, and Country". They must not allow those evil "White" people to set back all the socialist gains over made the last 70 years.

On the day of and the day after, I will be running billboards on the strip asking the "golden" question. "Are you ready to fight Communism in America?". It might be like shouting fire in the "Cheyenne Gentlemans Club"(or should I say...cathouse?). Do you remember that movie starring Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda? As Jimmy said to Henry(Harly) at the end of the movie, I know where you keep your heart!". Yes, that's were the "socialists" keep their "heart", especially if they're gay! And they are using it to burn down our country.

Now you may know why I emphasize the Barron Co. moral resolution warning of the communist moral attack on America. Unfortunately my efforts to clean up our own dirty doorstep in the GOP is not being well received. Such people as Gingrich, Schwartzneggar, and McCain are major politicians that have betrayed us to the political goals of the left, especially on our border. We are really paying for the NAFTA treaty and the Dept. of Education Newt gave us. Thanks to compromised people like them in all branches of government, the commie-heart beats in the form of the new Secretary of Defense, the Boy Scouts, and county marriage licensing.

McCarthy of CA has now had to step down in the race for a new Speaker of the House....because of an affair with a Congresswoman from NC? Both deny it; do you expect such people to tell the truth!? The conservatives have managed to remove John Boehner and keep McCarty out. Now the establishment(political class) is trying to save their power with Paul Ryan. If that happens, we lose. He helped bailout wall street, and like most of the WI GOP, voted to give Obama TPA. I doubt if he will help the conservatives get rid of the export-import bank free money for wall street machine. Why is Sean Hannity pushing Gingrich for Speaker?!? I have a better idea; how about me?! I, like you, was surprised to learn that the

Speaker need not be a member of Congress.

Our President is now tying us into the TPP(trans-pacific partnership). As Arthur Thompson says in his new book, "International Merger by Foreign Entanglements", it is being sold as "free trade"-- a smokescreen that hides a sovereignty-destroying trap. Be sure to get this great book. Washington in his farewell speech warned of entangling military alliances. This economic integration will bring political integration. Both Washington and Jefferson believed in real free trade. TPP and next up TTIP are not. They are meant to eliminate existing borders and allow the free flow of labor. That means INVASION! Control of government benefits will be lost, and crime will increase as it has through NAFTA. It will lead to a total breakdown of our economy.

Trade agreements are the first step toward world government. They would transfer all aspects of freedom and legal independence to a world body in the name of protecting the environment. Have you heard of "watermelon environmentalism"--green on the outside and red in the middle? Do you think we have too much regulation in the United States now? Just wait till these treaties go through! TTIP is designed to merge us into the EU; Mikhail Gorbachev calls the EU the new European Soviet.

The Atlantic Council founded in 1961 is one of many organizations supporting the new "Atlantic Treaty" that now doesn't need a two thirds vote from the Senate. George H. W, Bush, famous for his "New World Order" statement, was on its Board of Directors, along with the likes of Henry Kissinger, Wm J. Casey, Brent Scowcroft, and Eugene Rostow. Another organization behind this is the TPN(transatlantic policy network). Senator Bennett was a former co-chair. The people of Utah were smart enough to replace him with Sen. Lee. John Boehner was a member too.

The Chinese are using their(our?) money to buy up the rest of the world. They have investments in all the countries that are part of the TTP treaty and will eventually be allowed in. Obama has three goals for America: destroy the economy, destroy the dollar, and help China gain control of the worlds strategic minerals. They have 3.4 trillion dollars in reserves that can be put into American properties. Did you know that American forces are guarding the roads in and out of mines from the China can get its ore out!? The same is happening with oil fields in Iraq. They control the Panama Canal(thanks to Jimmy Carter and Mark Hatfield) and the super port of Lazero Cardenas, named after a Mexican president who was awarded the Stalin Peace Prize.

Did you know that Mexico and Canada...and Russia can send in troops to help quell disturbances in the United States!? Want to add China to that list? These treaties will open our country to anyone. The term new world order was claimed by Marx and Engels. Such people as Nixon, Kissinger, Castro, and "uncle" Joe Biden have also used the term. Is there no one, or party, that will not betray us to that cause? If you hear the phase, you know they should not be in office.

One last did you know: about the Open Skies Treaty? It allows Russian aircraft to fly over our military bases! But an American who does so will suffer much greater consequences. It also allows us to fly supplies over Russia to our troops in Afghanistan. Wonder who is getting the better deal? A FEMA agreement allows them to send security personnel in America to help with crowd control. Are you ready for the TICK(traitor- in-chief/king) to give them the North Pole as they have demanded? TIC,TIC,TICK; and America explodes. We need a new Speaker of the House who will make this his slogan....IMPEACHMENT NOW!!!