Martin Lucufer? King

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:38:07 PM

Oprah Winfrey has funded and completed a new propaganda film just in time for the holiday honoring MLK's good work for the CPUSA. King could have done things the American Constitutional way but chose to line up with the communist cause of "civil rights". Instead of leading with virtue, he chose Marxist depravity.

The film has been criticized for an inaccurate portrayal of President Lyndon Johnson. I should say so. He not only grew up playing piano in a whorehouse, but took those lessons to heart and got three staff members pregnant while in office. Why wasn't that in the movie?

MLK was so adulterous that his FBI records had to be protected from the public for 75 years so he could get a holiday! Why wasn't that in the film too? It's ok as long as it is done for the good cause communism. No need to fear, Jackson and Sharpton are doing well at carrying on the tradition. I'm getting tired of the bitch around, bitch about life crowd. How about you?

As a former black FBI agent said, to give King a holiday would be like raising the red flag over America. It was set up to mock our two greatest white presidents. Another event promoted by the black communist left to mock white culture is the Kawanza holiday.

In his book, "The Communist attack on Police", Dr. Skousen, a former FBI agent, states MLK descibed Identified Communist Aubrey Williams as "one of the noblest personalities of our time". King taught at the Highlander Folk School where Rosa Parks was trained. The state of Tennessee shut it down because it became notorious for its advocacy of revolution to bring about a Soviet United States.

Martin Luther King had as his secretaries such communist luminaries as Hunter Pitts O'Dell and Bayard Rustin. Rustin said the only hope for the Negro is to "go left"......"more bloody Negro suffering should be encouraged so that the squeamish Northern Negros would be horrified into line".

More information about the King holiday can be found at under the issues section. This holiday and movie by "comrade" Winfrey are just another reminder that black people are still too "Black" and white people aren't "White" enough!