More Lilliputian Threads

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:40:45 PM

1) Do you understand the damage to our liberty that would be caused by a North American Union? It is the reason for our illegal invasion. Now our congress will be voting on a Trans-Pacific UNion (TPP) and a Trans-Atlantic UNion (TTIP). Remember Washington's warning about foreign entanglements. Call your representatives and say no to these.

You may not know that we have a "police treaty" with Canada and Mexico that will allow them to send troops into the United states to assist in quelling a domestic disturbance. If we are going to keep using the UN to allow us to police the world, remember that can be reversed. Also consider the fact that illegals can get social security cards and now be hired by our police forces!!!...and be given guns to shot who?!!!....the gringos. I have warned you about this in the immigration issue at this website. Are you ready for a police Czar Al Sharpton? We have many infiltrated law enforcement agencies.

2) Our great soviet president also wants those people that didn't vote to be forced to vote. Just because Australia does, doesn't mean we should do it. This is the communist party forced association game again. More "low information" voters would obviously benefit the democrats(commie-rats). Then that party could force them to vote a certain way.(or they don't get government benefits)

3) The Secret Service couldn't keep their service secret. Now they can't drink and drive. If my only purpose in life was to whore and protect this "devil" in the White House, I would go get drunk too! The AFACT resolution would solve this problem.

4) It appears the Communist International has put out orders to get Ted Cruz already. They, the GOP, and Karl Rove don't want any Tea Party candidates. What strange bed fellows! They are using an old Marxist bloodline for this purpose, a chip off the old block. Besides wanting to attack Ted Cruz, Gov. Brown's main concern is for Californians seems to be the "right" is to molest little girls in the showers!

5) An agreement with Iran on nuclear development does have to be approved by the Senate. Why not come down hard on North Korea too? The purpose of our involvement in "mesopotamia" is to create an Arab Union. The two countries there, that refuse to come under UN control, are the two countries the internationalists want to overthrow....Syria and Iran. All is not as it seems.

6) The communist minority movement is staging another "white privilege" conference. Globalist, communist and multicultural forces are coalescing around the goal of destroying Western Civilization and everything it represents: Christian religion, traditions of liberty, and economic freedom.