More "Progressive" Success

Post date: Aug 3, 2015 3:10:26 AM

1) Both my congressman(Duffy) and my senator(Johnson) have given our president what he wanted, TPA and more unconstitutional power over both the upcoming Atlantic and Pacific treaties. It means fewer jobs, lower wages, and greater deficits. How well did NAFTA turn out with Mexico? Most Democrats get zeros on the Freedom Index, except for this one issue. They were against TPA and Republicans were for it!? Apparently the unions didn't like it.

Senator Johnson voted for the Loretta Lynch nomination, for all the treaties that will open the doors to more of the illegal invasion of America, and against the bill that would strip out authority to defund Obama's executive actions on immigration!? What is he doing!? Like many of the new Senators, he doesn't want to audit the FED or sign on to a bill to get rid of the UN. I asked him "my" slogan on that three days before he was elected. He didn't have a conservative answer. He may agree with too much of what Russ Feingold believes? Senator Johnson used to have a 100% rating on the Freedom it is only 60%, not good enough!

2) A new book out by Paul Kengor and reviewed by Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media(AIM) brings out interesting details about Obama's buddy, Frank Marshall. Marshall stated that: 1) American racism was a disease that "Red Russia" solved, 2) Winston Churchill only cared about "the white people of the British empire", 3) labeled the Marshall Plan a form of white imperialism designed to "help maintain European empires at the expense of exploited dark colonial peoples", and 4) considered anti-communism a form of racism.

So, there you go. It is what it is. Anyone who stands against groups controlled by Moscow, is a racist. What else is new? Obama(BABO) has always used tactics are to exploit and manipulate racial and ethnic differences for political gain. Marxism is his answer to not only "racism", but all issues in America. Its the best way to get "Whitey".

3) Cliff Kincaid, still a Catholic(?), calls the pope's dealings with Castro and other Marxists "a new Catholic scandal". The Pope is intent on making common cause with the forces of international communism. Conservative Catholics are very concerned. How can they pay respect to a pope "intent on making friends with the enemies of religious liberty?"

The Pope has:

---welcomed the advocates of Liberation Theology--the doctrine manufactured by the KGB to dupe Christians into

accepting Marxism.

---come out in support of the long time communist goal of diplomatic relations with the US. Opening a new embassy in Washington gives them diplomatic immunity for their intelligence operations to run terrorism in America. Their embassy(much like Russia's) will be nothing more than a safe house for espionage and infiltration.

---come out for the redistribution of wealth!!! Isn't that pure communism?! He doesn't believe in the violent revolutionary kind of socialism, but the Fabian type working gradually through government legislation. He is calling for the liberation and promotion of the poor. Instead of acting like a "prophet" and calling them to repent of their immorality...and trespass against America, he supports the communist controlled invasion on our border.

---now come out for what is literally the communist controlled climate change propaganda, watermelon environmentalism--green on the outside and red on the inside.

When he comes to America will he also call for our political leaders to forgo the death penalty as the last papal visitor did? The interesting coincidence is that the communist ACLU is against it too. Now he may step-down, but will the same political vein continue? This may be of great concern for conservative Catholics? If you follow principles rather than personalities, you won't get fooled. If my church leader starts preaching to the left, as many of them have, I don't listen... and suspect a change is coming....either that leader...or me!