Occupy America #3

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 8:32:26 PM

This goal started almost 100 years ago after the Bolshivek Revolution. The Communist Internationale began a program of immigrating thousands into western countries, especially the United States. By the 50's, with the help of the Roosevelts, they had not only thoroughly infiltrated the U.S. government, but all walks of life.

One only needs to remember such names as Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, and the Rosenbergs. The FBI had the task of gathering all the evidence needed to convict these people.

We now have a new movie by Clint Eastwood apparently attacking J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, long a favorite tactic of the Communists. Is Mr Eastwood a sleeper agent? His immoral roles seem to suggest so.

As Stalin said, we don't need everyone to be a communist; we just need them to think, act, and sleep like one. He also said that if he could control Hollywood, he could control the world. Many people were identified as such in Hollywood during the 30's and 40's; and ended up blacklisted.

Their dream of controlling America through the unions is now in its final stage in AZ, WI, and throughout the nation using their new slogan for war, OCCUPY Wall St.(or Occupy.. and you add the city). This has long been planned to take place during a great financial crisis.

It didn't work during the Great Depression or during the Vietnam era, but came very close. Our national moral character was greater then than it is now, so will they succeed this time?...especially with the support of their man in the White House!

They have never worked alone. Very few know that the money for the Russian Revolution came from the same banks that control the Federal Reserve System. Its establishment fulfilled the fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto.

Trevor Loudon has written a new book about Obama and the enemy within exposing how the communists have infiltrated and recruited in America. They are behind the OCCUPY movement. The organizers are being paid to do so.

As Glen Beck has said, the riots in Europe are planning to move over here. If that happens, Obama may have grounds to declare marital law and suspend elections. The dupes and fellow travelers don't know they are being used.

We've had Occupy Oakland, Denver, Milwaukee, Madison, and today Little Rock,AK. The list will get longer. What will you do about this old and very powerful fifth column in America?

At least 45% of our citizens by their moral, economic, and political actions are allied with Moscow. Putin is laughing at us. As Stalin said, "we spit in their face and they call it dew".

Russia has long had front companies in our country set up to steal information and money. Have they just done so through the two environmental companies to the tune of almost two trillion dollars!?

Far fetched is it? Not with the present FACTS that we have a Marxist/Muslim President, an OCCUPIED Democrat Party, and a Politburo cabinet of Czars with known communists on it. I called my Senator (and others) to look into that possibility.

Are your tired of "T N T" government?...a government of traitor and tyrants? We need a Senator who thoroughly understands internal subversion. It is now related to every issue. Vote John Schiess for Wisconsin's next U.S. Senator.