Oh, Bring back Wisconsin to Me!

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:37:31 PM

Last Wednesday I did something I never done since being born in 1947, and raised here. I visited the Capitol in Madison...to place "useful" information in legislators mailboxes. The room was locked, but I was fortunate enough to bump into my newly elected assemblyman from Rice Lake, Romaine Quinn, who was good enough to follow through for me.

Arriving over the lunch hour, I was blessed with a song you might think Rhett Butler sung in "Gone from the Wind". Instead of "Oh, bring back my Bonnie to Me", the group in the Rotunda sang the same song I was told they sing every day at that time: Oh, Bring back Wisconsin to Me! They had the usual anti-Scott Walker signs.

They were missing a few people like...Jim Doyle, Mayer Barrett, Mary Burke, and Russ Feingold. Too bad! Scotty Skywalker ruined their dream again. Where were Tammy Baldwin and Barack Obama? Though there in spirit, they don't need to be....since Wisconsin did come back to them!

The people on the left have no other Gods before them except themselves(government). FDR said during his first inaugural address that the government owes every man a living. How sexist of him! Comrade Jane Fonda best summed up the Democrat Party when she said, "communism is the goal".

Such is the nature of the people in the Rotunda. They aren't very happy people even though they seem to follow Marxist dog...ma on sex for everyone. They believe in the communal sharing of their bodies(and our money) through promiscuity, pornography, adultery, and homosexuality. It seems to give them VD of the brain. They just can't seem to get enough Love-in.

They want us to share with them not only our bodies, but also our finances. They should put the money word into the song. Gov. Walker is working on that. Oh, bring back my money to me! Maybe they should be singing a line for those on LSD, "Bring Back, Bring Back, Oh Bring Back My Body to Me!"?