Oh No,...not another BUSH!?

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:06:02 PM

Though they may think so, this ain't no burning one either! This one will burn down the GOP too. The first one said, "new world order" which is code for giving up our sovereignty to the Communist UN. The second one gave us NAFTA, the Mexican bail-out, and worked behind our backs trying to create the UN controlled North American Union.

His neo-conservatism put a communist in the White house for eight years! Talk about "destroy-ing the country to save the country!" Now this third one wants continue that path to destruction. One, two, three strikes your out...and its the old Bush-league game!

One would need to fully read the the illegal immigration issue at afact.us to fully understand the total asininity of Jeb Bush's "treasonous" statement about the invasion of our country as an "act of Love". He is also for "commie " common core. It seems he is compromised by his wife.

Does this sound like an act of love?...in response to closing our borders, or sending them back? Jose Gutierrez, professor at UT- Arlington, "We have got to eliminate the GRINGO. And what I mean is, if worse comes worst, we have got to KILL HIM."

Unfortunately my congressman, also with an Hispanic wife, seems headed down that same path. That is why I am running against him. Sean does not even mention it on his website. It is not an act of love to invade your home and steal you property. One would need to fully understand the twisted logic of the CPUSA. All that justifies the end is good, peacemaking, and an "act of Love".

Where does our Governor stand on this? He has always avoided the issue; which is why I ran against him in 2010. He has not informed the public as he should have. The whole WI GOP Delegation is afraid to take on the issue.... or expose the corruption of the Federal Reserve System.

Since the Hispanics want to take back the Southwest, I'm sure Jeb Bush would also go along with Russia taking back Alaska. After the Russian Revolution, tens of thousands were immigrated to the US for the purpose of infiltration. They have moved hundreds of thousands across our southern border. And now in the last five years, hundreds have been moving to Alaska!

Now the Soviet left, usually known as the mild-mannered Democrat party, is moving people into Texas in the hopes of turning it into a real "RED" state. It has been said that if that happens, America falls and our Republic is over. This plan is working all too well in AZ. When I first moved there in 1976, 4 out 5 House seats were conservative. Now it is only 3 out of 8!

The official communist party line calls everyone immigrants, therefore we do not have the right to judge our invaders. Both Bush and Duffy are going along with that argument. I have never voted for a Bush....and I never will.

Bush I betrayed conservative values set up Clinton for eight years. Bush II did the same and destroyed the GOP, putting "Comrade" Obama in the White House for eight years. Who will Jeb Bush set up? The British GOP is trying to snooker us again. Fool me once, twice, thrice!? Do they really think we are that stupid? I fear they know we are!

"When will we ever learn?"