"One Term" Trump

Post date: Mar 17, 2018 11:00:33 PM

President Trump spoke at CPAC announcing his 2020 candidacy and candidacy slogan: "Keep America Great". He spoke of his support for the 2nd amendment and then called for the things the communist left(Democrats) want: eliminate bump-stocks and raise the age of purchases. "Take the guns first, then have due process"!? He speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Though a conservative one, he may be a different kind of snake? Tyranny's banner calls for worship of the leader, moral decay, and robbery(socialism). Some like President Clinton flash a Bible and do the same thing.

When he first ran for President, I referred to him as Caesar Trump, and considered him just a "Mob" candidate. All the mob did was supposed to be confined to Vegas. Gambling has now become a national pastime supported by state governments. It was promoted by Governors, such as Tommy Thompson, as the solution to all our budgetary problems. That big lie, along with girly joints and professional sports, gave the mob control of most of our states. Most all their vices have been made legal. One should google Paul Harvey's commentary,"If I were the Devil" from 1965. "If I were the devil, I would take gambling off the streets and put it in the statehouse".

Does the mob want a strong military to protect its' interests? Sure it does! Donald Trump got in the White House because the GOP didn't have anyone with real backbone. It took an egotistical profligate casino owner to beat both corrupt dynasties and the "fake" media. The low moral character of America makes her ripe for a "Caesar" to step forward with his solutions. "Romans" will always sell their vote for money. Has the GOP become the home for Vegas casino owners like Trump and Finn(was head of GOP fund raising)? The porn and gambling vote definitely went for Trump.

President Trump neither knows the Constitution...or the Enemy Within. Neither is he the moral leader our country really needs. His alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels puts him in a class with Clinton, Kennedy, and Schwartzneggar. Daniels plans to act our her behavior with a Trump imitator. They all have brought America to a new low, hiding behind "Christian" cloth. Baptist Pastor Jeffries of TX says that Trump's personal life is irrelevant! "We are not choosing a minister-in-chief." That was quite shocking to me. Look what that has given for us..wars we should never have been in! Think of "Camelot"!

The founders of our country said that we should only chose moral and religious leaders(did you know that there once was a time when lawyers were banned from public office!). What did God tell Moses about choosing "Judges" to rule over the affairs of the people? They were to be honest, just, and moral men. Pastor Jeffries, like many others, said that didn't matter...because of Trump's strong policies?. "We are all sinners!, said the good pastor.

No, we are not so in the manner of our President. Moral transgressions are not the same as a parking ticket. I know there are many good moral men still left in uniform, but they are not allowed to compete. Is the country ready for such leadership yet? Only "compromised" candidates need apply. It is not the poor or the rich that lead morally, but the middle class. Joy Behar agrees with what the Communists say, "Christian views make you mentally ill". And that is why the communists need to eliminate the middle class. The middle class is leaving CA. So rich profligate oligarchs can rule over the poor profligate masses!

I came away from CPAC with another slogan on my mind; "One Term Trump"! We can do better with someone who won't compromise away our liberties. Did someone say something about removing the two term limit on the Presidency? Does some one want to be Caesar....Emperor for life!? Remember...One Term Trump!