Pataki and Graham

Post date: Jan 25, 2016 4:58:15 AM

I want to mention two people that are out of the race, two people that were basically just hitmen on the issue of immigration and sold the "can'tiitis" attack of the left. Pataki took a shot at Donald Trump's stand on Muslim immigration. He talked of the time a group called the "Know Nothings" wanted to ban Catholics from America. When you look at the Marxist Pope and the Kennedys, one could be tempted to go along with that. No church has been more infiltrated. Wherever they predominate, the communist left is winning on their issues, from global warming and "invasion" to homosexuality and pedophilia. And no, they are not the only ones. So don't jump on the religious bigot bandwagon. No religion in America has faced more abuse than mine. False perceptions lead to that. Both the Catholics and the Lutherans are too involved in aiding the invasion of OUR land, so I judge them by their works.

Maybe the "Know Nothings" knew something? New England used to be the leaders of liberty in 1776. Now they are leaders of every communist promoted issue, especially homosexuality. Need we mention Harvard? Tactics such as this, used by Gov. Pataki, are meant to cover for those who are a threat to our peace and security. We are undergoing a Muslim invasion meant to break us down from within. Trump was correct to say we need to stop them until we get a handle on the problem. Now, and back then, there was a perceived threat to our system of government. FDR "banned" the Japanese against the advise of then FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover. Rick Santorum was correct when he said, it is better to offend some people and save all Americans.

Lindsey Graham really impressed me...negatively! He called Sens. Paul and Cruz isolationists. That's a term used by establishment figures that want to involve us in more wars, sticking our noses in where they don't belong. We are not the world's policemen for the UN new world order. He wants more ground forces in Syria, and he wants to get rid of Assad because he has killed 240,000 of his own people. So did we in our Civil War! Theirs is none of our business. Guess he wants the Muslim brotherhood in charge of that country too.

Sen. Graham says we need to fight ISIS "over there". My generation remembers that phase being applied to the Communists in Vietnam. That was a big lie then, and it is so now. Guess who built up ISIS in the first place? Do he and Sen. McCain have a bigger war planned for us? Maybe for a"hundred years"? History does repeat itself! He misses the Bush that destroyed the GOP and now endorses another!? Worst of all....I learned he has spent his life as a lawyer! Yes. I have a thing for lawyers. They are all out to get us, especially the ones in the White House.