Polar Bear Hunting

Post date: Jun 23, 2015 2:07:29 AM

That might be a polite way to say, "Get Whitey"! The black and white communist left just can't let go of it. The Indian left is working the "lets get rid of native American nicknames game", and it seems to be working in the NFL. The Washington football team may have to get rid of their "redskins" mascot name. White people are tired of the commie double standard on racism and use of the N-word. The unfortunate incident in Charleston, SC may have been "blowback" for that and former polar bear hunting.

This incident gives the communist left more fuel to play one of their old get whitey cards, get rid of the Confederate flag. It may be right to do so, but it still will be a victory for the red left. It's easy under the emotion of the moment to follow Mitt Romney's lead and say, "lets do that"! It was easy for Gov. Haley to get on that bandwagon too. Months earlier she called an opponents attempt to do so a campaign stunt. It seems she can't take the heat from the emotional "mob'. Under pressure, she is acting like a "minority". The "majority of minorities" want it! So, you had better do it, right now!!!

Why does Speaker Boehner have to jump on board too? Is he afraid of the big bad "boogieman"? Maybe we should take it out of all history books? This incident had nothing to do with the Confederate flag. Once you bend over for the black communist minorities, there is no end to it. It won't end until they get slave reparations revenge and get to have absolute power over "white privilege" America. That can be defined as rule by a white majority. Of course the way to conquer them is to force PBH "Utopian" minority housing projects into white communities that should have, but don't have any say-so in the matter. What is good or bad about "White" America is not the prerogative the "Black" community. America need not and should not have wait to around for action to be taken until such a low character community says it ok. Nor should it determine whether a flag should come down. That is usually an act of surrender.

The murderer also disgraced the American flag; should we take that down too? Farrahkan is already calling for that. Rush Limbaugh has it right. The next step is to get the US flag. It offends all the Latino invaders, so it to must come down....as it has in some schools in the southwest. We had better not celebrate the 4th of July either! Try and take down the Mexican flag and see what happens? Maybe we need to raise the new North American Union flag of the UN. You folks had ought to review the Illegal invasion issue at my website. Where is the leader warning about it?

Another way for our Comrade-in-chief to polar bear hunt is to constantly take the CPUSA side in any police action he doesn't like. The gun control left is also pouncing on the shootings in Charleston. Of course, Al Sharpton had to come there to try to incite things. To their credit the black community there is not following the lead of Ferguson and Baltimore, but this does not involve a police shooting. However, they are jumping on the get rid of the Confederate flag bandwagon. Now BABO wants to polar bear hunt the N-word. He will speak at the funeral, and will probably get all the race agitprop he can out of it. Obama should talk about the N-word, since he does such a good job of living up to it! It doesn't look like the black communist party shield of racism will not come down anytime soon.

This president should have been around in the beginning of time. Cain slew Abel and he and his seed were cursed for it. The seed of Adam was to have no family relations with them. Obama should have been there! He would have gone nuts. Everything he is saying now would have applied there. He would be very upset with GOD, and would have called him a racist, planting an inherent proclivity for racism that can never be rooted out of the white privilege culture.

It is not the proclivity for racism in the "White" community that is the problem, but the curse--the proclivity of moral evil in the "Black" community. Unfortunately, Oprah, Crosby, and Obama still carry the proclivity for evil from their black race. The communist left is never going to let go of that phase until they conquer America! White privilege comes only to those who act "White" and support moral living. Both he and his minister friend Al ought to try that sometime.

The fact that this AME church was visited by Rev.? King, does not bode well with me. This minister/state senator followed the CPUSA line on the 2nd amendment. His insistence on a "gun-free zone" came back to bite him. Are these the type of churches King visited all across the south? He was well known to be communist controlled. Black FBI agent Julia Brown would try to speak a week ahead of MLK at any location he was to visit. Whenever she succeeded, he did not show up. He was a well known adulterer and especially enjoyed PBH and abusing h#### white women.

And I am judging him by the "content of his character, and not by the color of his skin"? You bet I am! How do you not do that, when at least 90% of blacks are morally decayed and voted for that communist traitor in the White House. Any majority out of wedlock culture, regardless of skin color, does not belong in our country or communities. They can take their "cowbird" children and leave. And take their polar bear hunting commie-"nigger" president with them!!!.....all the way back to South Africa. This treasonous President is still inciting a race war from the left. So don't be surprised if there isn't more "blowback".