Red Attacks on America

Post date: Sep 5, 2017 1:23:10 AM

Maybe I should just call my commentaries the "Red Attack Weekly". They are just fingers in the same glove(fist), from Antifa, SPLC, and the NFL, to the Democrat Party and the "Deep State". Since the left can't make the Russian connection stick, they have turned to the white supremacy agenda-normalizing left-wing hate groups, in order to bring President Trump down. They staged a 10-day march from Charlottesville to Washington D.C. for that very purpose. They say they want to repair the damage to the country and its people that he and all white people have caused.

They are working on their version of "No-Go" zones called the "no platform" strategy. The communist free speech movement began at Berkeley and now they have ended it at Berkeley. That's free speech for Communism, but not for Americanism. They attacked the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville and recently the "No to Marxism in America" prayer meeting in Berkeley. Their tactics are the same as those the brown-shirt Nazis used: gang up on individuals and beat them with clubs...and bike locks hidden in socks. Could we call this another attack on Christianity? As in Germany many years ago, our Nazis are rising up. What are you going to do?

The Democrats laughed about it and the police did nothing. And Pres. Trump wants to give them military weapons? Who will they use them on? It won't be our enemies in the streets shutting down free speech! The FBI and DHS have finally labeled Antifa "domestic terrorists", but Elizabeth Warren won't denounce them. Some Commie-rats(like Polosi) put on a show, just denouncing their tactics...not their philosophy. The devil does love his own! Did Sen. Rubio really once say their's was justifiable violence? After meeting with Antifa, the Phoenix declared itself a Sanctuary City. They had a gay mayor when I left in 1999. What else is new in the big cities?

The SPLC warns of more bloodshed over Monuments and Middle Schools. I guess they are talking about the middle school with the name of Robert E. Lee. The cowards of education immediately backed down and took the name off!!? I call that cowardice in the face of the enemy. They say there are 1500 more to go! "All white voters are supremacists". If that isn't a declaration of war, I don't know what is? Some of them are calling FDR a racist which he wasn't. Some of his age would have called him a communist. He helped enough of them infiltrate our government!...and implemented their "social security" program. NYC wants to rename the island named after him. I could go for that...but for different reasons.

The "get whitey" communist attack of the 60's took the form of degrading our Founding Fathers as just...."Dead White European Males". Destroy it's heroes, destroy a country. When they say they must confront or destroy "white privilege", they mean."White" morality(since they have none): God, family, and country. They're culture has done an excellent job of destroying all three. Remember, Stalin said we must destroy their patriotism, morality, and religion. They're motto is the opposite: worship us, sleep with us, and we'll steal someone else's property. And that requires the "slave reparations" of all property owned by white folks!.

Then, there is their DACA issue. Will Pres. Trump back down because 300 communist front ministers want him to? the black minister in Chicago who wants to remove the name of Washington from a park? How about the "Rev. Jesse Jackson", a chip off the old block of MLK. It surely takes a womanizing minister to determine who will see Jesus!? If DACA remains in force, up to 2 million more illegals may get to stay here. The TN atty gen. has backed down...because he has feelings. We are not based on feelings(communism), we are based on the rule of law. Our enemies known how to take advantage of the former.

The communist left is using the old argument that if we do it, the GOP will lose Hispanic votes. Even Jeb Bush fell for it. Many GOP Senators and Congressmen have betrayed us on it. Good people do the right thing, and that is not based on race, but principle. I will gamble on that and not the agitprop. If the threat were real, that would make them racists. Of course the communist controlled minorities are in the streets protesting it's removal! What else could corrupt people do? Hope our President has the backbone not to do what Obama and Hillary would want him to do.

"How about those Cowboys!?" Who needs them?...or the Packers?...or the NFL? Are they"fisting" us? They support the communists on DACA, homosexuality(actually any kind of sex), climate change, and illegal immigration...just to mention a few. Yes, when I was younger I was addicted too. But, I finally learned how to think! I once posed the question: If they wore Nazi helmets would you still watch them? How about if they wore the "Hammer and Cycle" on their helmets? I bet you would, because the conditioning dependency on them has become so great!

Well, symbolically, they are. The clinched fist has always been a symbol of communist agitation. Are black players now "forcing" their white teammates to do the same? Tis sad to see! Cowardice? Maybe they would like to stand up and apologize for their whiteness? was done to white students by a black teacher in a middle school in NC! Can this really be happening in America?!

What else can you expect from a organization founded on immorality. Remember, except for Tim Tebow, "there are no virgins in the NFL"(National Fornication League). Mob morality gives them control of your country. Should I spend hard earned money so players so playboy quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers can live comfortably with their commie-girl(mistress)? Can you make rational judgments? If the NFL wants to give us the fist, we should leave their stadiums empty...and show them whose running the show!? Hope they enjoy playing BY themselves. Maybe they can get in on the "Patriots" gay game? There goes my candidacy. If I don't come out and worship the Packers, can I possibly get elected?!!!

Remember, "White" power..and John Schiess for U.S. Senator!