Red "*itchy" Women!

Post date: Jul 4, 2018 9:14:44 PM

FBI agent Julia Brown warns in her book, " I Testify", "to say the communist party encourages sexual immorality is to understate the facts: more appropriately may it be said the party demands it!...the party not only tolerates, not only encourages, it demands that members engage in illicit sex acts."

"I often wondered how women.....could so debase themselves..... The party tells them to recuit men, to hold men within the Party, to make them do the Party's bidding. The Party has their souls, their minds-it demands they give their bodies.

They do." Whether the Party commands them to live together, marry, or divorce; they do. That pretty well describes...Hollywood! It, of course, takes "*itchy" men to make "*itchy" women. Micheal Moore, with his "I hate America" website, is saying that they should "put their bodies on the line". Fine talk for a "former"(?) Catholic altar boy and boy scout.

After communist training, they are call "Swallows". They "honey-traped" Gen. Petraus...and many others. FBI director Wray admits adultery is a significant vulnerability for counter-intelligence agents. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover required the "Law of Fidelity" for all his agents. What has happened since then? The Secret Service is sure failing us on this issue. Our top General says, I don't care who you sleep with"!? Are they really going to "make America great again"? Moral "traitors" will always become politically so. A bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

There used to be a song about :"*itchy women" long ago that I can't quite remember. The Soviet Democrat Party is full of them, from Klobachar, Warren, Gillibrand and Harris to Feinstein, Polosi, Waters, and Ocasio-Cortez. They are too numerous to enumerate. It comes with their territory. Then you can add many Hollywood types like Fonda, Behar, Griffin, Sarandon, Winfrey, Bee, and Goldberg. They all seem to have"commie" PMS as a condition of their existance. The redder the heiney, the bigger the mouth!

If our President goes low, they can go lower. They are always obsessed with their "lower brain". They can't make a political statement without obsessive use of their lower body functions. Do what? somebody's food! Whoopi says the government should stay out of her V...and out of her behind. Is that "black" humor? "Potty mouth" is their M.O. Does she always have to prove the stereotype? Bet she her lower brain has a lot of "visitors without a word of complaint! That's what a good commie girl does. Share their communal bodies... for the "good" of the Party. Sarandon has been a good Party recruiter for years.

WG says Republican control of the Supreme Court, the Congress, and the Presidency is leading us into a dictatorship. But it didn't when the Democrats had total control of them under Obama?! The new SCOTUS pick has them all in a Red tizzy. "Democracy(communism/democratic socialism) may come to an end as we know it". Good. Then we will be a Republic again.

These women have hit the streets again for the July 4th holidays in hopes of making it the last one!!! Their SAW attack is now directed at DHS and ICE. These "comrades" want to 1) eliminate all interior enforcement immigration laws, and 2) stop the detaining of most people who cross the border if they have children with them. Sen. Feinstein is promoting a bill that will stop the arrest of any of our "invaders" within 100 miles of the border!? One Sheriff in AZ says that border is now I-10.

Their cry of Liberty means liberation from "Natural Law", whether governmental or religious. They do not "delight in the law of the Lord"(Psalms 1). They are like chaff driven by a "red" wind. Why should they stand in judgment of our nation? They amount to nothing more than "Soviet' political commissars. Their "mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud; under (their) tongue is mischief and vanity"(Pslams 10:7)

Nothing like immoral women protesting the "immoral" policies of our government. Our usual fifth column has rallied to the "abuse" of the children of illegal immigrants in their "Families belong together March". Still hiding their causes behind "the children". Do they want to save them from immorality, no, they want them to be saved from....VIRTUE! The battle cry of "abolish ICE, gives them all away.

The Soviet-crat party has become the "Center for Caucasion Control". "Get whitey" has now been turned into get white Republican women. Will Freemen Stand?! Their concept of "Liberty in Law" is really outside the law. Their behavior is only natural...for the wicked. No, this country wasn't made for you...and me. Love it...or leave it!