Rumble in Detroit

Post date: Mar 7, 2016 3:30:45 AM

Fox is still wasting our time on personal attack questions. The last time we had a civil debate was when Donald Trump refused to show up. Now Sen. Rubio has joined him in bringing in new lows of discussion with his "small hands" comments. Playing the "hitman" has lowered his standing and may be a sacrifice play. Is this the way a US Senator conducts himself....all previous week long?.....or someone running for President? Send those two children home! Don't let your children watch until the candidates learn what the meaning of the word CIVIL is. Of all the important things to talk about ?!! Their acting like socialists(Democrats). Socialists are so proud of and preoccupied with the lower holes in their bodies, that they have tell everyone what they do with them. It seems to make up half their vocabulary!? They remind me of that potty training commercial from many years ago(yes I'm getting old). That little boy was so proud of himself, he just kept pointing at the toilet.

Which is where future GOP debates may be going? Where did Reince Priebus get these guys. Is he trying to make the GOP look like the by product of one of the lower holes? The home team is looking ridiculous. We only have two mature adults on the stage left to choose from, and I don't want the one who thinks the Bible supports communism(healthcare). Is there a "conspiracy" to make grandma Lenin(Hillary) President? Only the "Shadow" knows!! Want to guess who Jeb Bush will endorse?....with Florida coming up! If I were Sen. Cruz, I'd be worried I might get it. Marco Rubio is the next establishment chose, if not, it will be John Kasich.

This seemed to be get Trump night for Fox news. They made him look bad on his numbers for saving money and played up to Mitt Romney's questions about his businesses. Trump talked of saving 300 billion and Cruz 500 billion. We could save that much just by taking back control of the FED and saving the interest. If we push programs back to the states, we will save trillions. Billions are not enough. Why wouldn't Cruz use the "NO" word when asked about gay adoption. He missed a golden chance to expose the communist left.

The one who calls everyone a the biggest liar of all! Trump says he is bringing millions to the GOP. The question is what kind of millions? This has a familiar ring to it. Where have we heard this before? We need to think back to Mitt Romney's "47%" statement and the goals of the old Progressive Party. When that party disbanded under orders from Moscow, they were told to infiltrate and take over one or both our mainstream political parties. They have clearly done so with the "Soviet" Democrat Party and are now working on the GOP. They also built up the "Soviet" welfare state to "47%". Once this fifth column takes over a state, they can easily move welfare recipients around to another state to do the same, i.e. AZ and TX. Kruschev said they would fall like "ripe plums".

The communist left was upset with Romney for the 47% comment. Since they are totally dependent on government handouts, they can not only change states but also parties once they have enough people in place to control them. They increase their numbers not only through out-of-wedlock births but also illegal invasion(there is no such thing as legal invasion is there?) All of this forces the United States "to spend itself into destruction"--Lenin.

Why live in fear? If Donald wants to leave the GOP, let him take the false ones with him. Yes, he has "many friends in low places". We were supposed to be a country of UNCOMMON common men......not common, common men. The term "working man" now carries the same connotation as the phase "working woman". Communism reduces people to the level of animals. Only faith and reason make us freemen. The lower our moral character, the more likely we will have a demagogue leading our country. When Mr. Trump says that he will kill their families....and the military will do what I tell them!, does that sound like an American president or a member of the MOB?!