"Safe Zones"

Post date: Apr 3, 2017 3:34:43 AM

These zones are basically of two types: zones safe for Liberty...and zones "safe" for Tyranny. In the American Revolution churches were the "safe zones" for Liberty. Now America does not appear to be a "Safe Zone" for them. Now, there are many Liberation Theology/social justice/ women's march churches that are not safe for Americanism.

In the 60's the communist left wanted to establish nuclear free zones in America. Those were areas where our nuclear weapons would not be allowed in defense of our nation. If they could have they would have made the Dakotas "nuclear free zones". As they are now, they were back then. They're process of subversion and infiltration had back then, as well as now, put them into many powerful political positions within our governments and communities, especially our big cities. I think its "safe" to call them the 47%. They work so well behind the "welfare state".

Their goal of infiltrating both political parties was most successful in the Democrat Party. The party of Jane Fonda who said, "Communism is the goal", was able shut down nuclear power plant development in America. Our communities became "nuclear plant free zones". And what does our modern day "Jane Fonda", Hillary Clinton promise to do?....shut down coal burning power plants.

Russia knew it could never keep up with America if we used nuclear power plants. So in the 70's they mounted a tremendously successful propaganda campaign against them, with the help of Hollywood. The forces of the left do not want us energy independent for obvious reasons; hence, the Global Warming campaign. Not just here in our country, but in all the nations of the "West" that they want to conquer.

Our schools are no longer safe zones for teaching the two pillors of Freedom: Religion and Morality. Safe zones there have more to do with immorality. That especially means safe for the communist homosexual/transgender agenda. When I retired and began substitute teaching in my hometown, countering the leftist propaganda they were getting, I mentioned that the communist ACLU was behind the homosexual movement. The principal immediately ended my work, saying I could no longer teach at his high school because he wanted all students to feel "safe" there. It took me only a brief moment to figure out what that meant. There went my "easy" retirement! I suspect it was a certain Social Studies teacher...and a gay student that was behind it. They must be very proud of themselves!

Our schools and colleges are now all "safe zones" for communist propaganda: morally, economically, and politically. It's safe to attack good, but not safe to attack evil. And yes, Gov. Walker should have cut off funding form the "big" UW when they established a "white privilege" attack class. The Hate America campaign goes on successfully there, behind the false mask of the "free speech" movement so long promoted by the communist left, starting at UC-Berkeley in the 60's. Evil begs for tolerance but does not do the same for good when they take over. Our universities are no longer, physically or intellectually, safe zones for Patriots. They need to be defunded and "cleaned out". Do you have the courage to stand up against our fifth column, the 47%?

Another big "safe zone" issue today refers to the "criminal invaders" in our big cities, or as the new traitorous Sheriff of Maricopa Co. in Phoenix, AZ would say, "our guests"!? Keeping criminals safe and on our streets is one of our enemies' major goals. Maybe its time you read the AFACT flyer on my website!? Obviously our whole country needs to become a "Safe Zone" for Communism....but not Americanism! We really do need candidates that know how to fight "Communism in America".