Post date: Jan 25, 2018 5:01:45 AM

Secret societies have been in the world ever since Cain slew Abel. They operate in darkness and form satanic cults. Virtue is not a characteristic of them. They demand the sacrifice of virtue...and the shedding of innocent blood. To advance into the top levels of the Mob, as one FBI agent told me, you have to murder your best friend!! People join satanic covens for the promise of power, wealth, and "pleasure". There is opposition in all things. Many people make covenants with God....and many do so with Satan. You can always tell them by their works!

So has the FBI has formed a secret society to take down the President!? Stzok and Page got caught commie-mating....and deleting emails? This is something the communist left has always accused J. Edgar Hoover of doing. The "deep state" was so corrupt and complicit with the Red left that Hoover had to kept records of their commie-coupling in order to keep his job, protecting us from internal subversion. The Kennedys and King were the KKK of profligate communist moral behavior. If you haven't read Hoover's book, "The Masters of Deceit" by now, you should have.

The Communists hated three things: J Edgar Hoover and the FBI, the congressional committees on Un-American Activities, and the John Birch Society. The JBS is probably the number one pro-Constitution and anti-Communist organization in America since 1948. If you have the courage to take their New American magazine for a year, you will be amazed what you will learn! The communist founded ACLU was used to shutdown the Senate and House committees. The communists launched a false moral narrative about Hoover that many still falsely believe today. The Communist Daily Worker came out with an agitprop attack against JBS that was also proven to be false. Why does Hannitty always have it's leader on his show? You should read the ACLU letter under AFACT at this website. The FBI used to define Communism as the International Criminal Conspiracy(ICC).

The "deep state" of his day took down Joseph McCarthy. He was right about all he said. Read McCarthy: Betrayed by History by Stanton Evans. The Soviet shills of the so-called Democrat Party were in on it along with President Eisenhower. As they do today, neither he nor FDR or Truman would co-operate with the committees. They hid records in the White House under "executive privilege". The famous Alger Hiss, a law professor at Harvard, was just one of the famous communists protected by the Democrat Party. Many of the Democrats on the Senate committee that harassed McCarthy, including the famous philandering Sen. Hays, were defeated in the 1952 elections that put Eisenhower in the White House and gave the GOP control of the Senate.....and the House?

What are the characteristics of secret societies? They whore, they lie, they steal, they covet, and they murder. Secret societies have been with us all through the ages, acting in opposition to freedom. They work to subvert the will of the people. They study and plan secretly to destroy our liberty: our morals, our religion, and our patriotism. The Bible says, "we struggle against the powers of darkness". As I have said the banner of freedom is God, family, and country. Tyranny has many faces, freedom only one! Their banner is: heck with God, worship us, sleep with us, and steal someone else's property(money). Criminals always work secretly in the dark to commit a crime. Some in Congress seem to do so openly. Do the people have "eyes to see and ears to hear"? Moral decay is the key to their works. It gives people "VD of the brain".

There is a system of tyrannies fighting for power within our government. They are all marked by their red moral turpitude.

Where do you find the element of freedom in our government? Is there some with in the GOP conservative movement? Is it enough? All it takes for our fifth column to conquer us is a majority that chooses evil over good....that says we will have no God over us, nor moral accountability. This is indeed "a time to choose". May all that we are now hearing about be brought into the "light of day". We are tired of this combination within both parties protecting themselves from justice. We need our AG and the good men of Congress to follow through and root them out. Clean out the swamp! And, I might add,..."we the people"...need to clean our dirty doorstep too!