Sex, Good for What Ailes you?

Post date: Aug 29, 2016 2:05:10 AM

Things are too Foxy at Fox News. Roger Ailes has been having too much fun! It looks like he is not a "has been". He has become the GOP version of Bill Clinton. Why else would Donald Trump love the guy!? Who would like to see a life sized nude statue of Trump in a NY city park? Laurie Lahr played Monica Lewinsky for Roger for....20 years!? Now that's different take on the old Hollywood "casting couch". There are two dozen claims against him. How many did Bill O'Reilly have? It takes a womanizer to properly interpret the life of Christ....and tell the true stories about our country's heroes. The old Disney stories about them left me in awe. O'Reilly seems to degrade them.

Hey ladies, Fox news is looking out for you!? Andrea Tantaros says that they masquerade as a defender of traditional family values, but there is a Playboy mansion-like culture at Fox. She says Ailes did not act alone. Who was acting with him...Bill? Maybe they should show up in the "no spin" zone? What did Hannity know...and when did he know it? How about Greta?....covering for Ailes? Besides Lahr, how many others sold themselves for the big bucks? As mentioned in the famous "Resolution", how could women so lower themselves to do the Party's bidding!?

Then we have the Jesse Ventura farce. A jury awarded him 160 million dollars because a company(?) recorded him having sex with his (former?) best friends wife. Word has it that Ventura is out looking for more "best friends". Doesn't that just make you want to go out and commit adultery? What kind of jury was that? I would have only given him $1. Maybe he should have paid the court costs? The famous conservative gay guy billionaire from the GOP convention, Mr. Thiel, funded Ventura's lawsuit. Mr. Thiel is also one of the founders of pay-pal(and Uber) who wanted NC boycotted. This is the same Jesse that sued for and got millions from the wife of the "Sniper", because he was "punched out" by him? Poor Jesse can't go to Navy SEAL reunions anymore because HE ruined his own reputation.

The GOP is really moving down in the world, trying to be like Democrats. The only real difference may be that Republicans don't get their mistresses pregnant out of wedlock. That might be the new definition of "conservative"? A decade ago when the Bush GOP convention was in FL, the question was asked, "which convention do prostitutes make the most money at?". I don't have the answer. Do you? It's a sad statement about both parties. What can I say? Am I obsessed with SEX today?

What a week of we have had. So much "commie" sex, I don't know what to do? Target has just spent 20 million to upgrade to transgender bathrooms. Dare we mention "Tony" the "Weiner"?....symbol of the Democrat Party!? And then there is D-Mika and R-Joe....united for a common purpose......trying to make Donald Trump look psycho!? This GOP Joe knows how to" reach across the isle" to solve problems!? Yes, our two party system is really just one party of tyranny. When the GOP breaks up, we can thank Reince Preibus for not holding it to a higher moral standard.