Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:07:54 PM

We have another crucial election year ahead and we need candidates in office that truly know and support the Constitution of the United States and who have a sound understanding of the internal threat to our liberty. The enemy within is far greater than the enemy without our nation. Having studied the U.S. Constitution and its greatest counterforce, international communism, for thirty years; I feel very qualified for the task at hand.

Such was my statement at the end of the Manitowoc Tea Party Forum in 2012. I was endorsed as the person to defeat Tammy Baldwin, winning over Mark Neumann, Jeff Fritzgerald, and...Tommy Thompson. The rest of the state tea parties and the GOP dropped the ball, leading to the most embarrassing defeat in US history.

Only rich people can be real Republicans...and war veterans don't count. And they still haven't learned their lesson. I was not allowed to speak at the 7th district meeting and they will not give me the GOP lists Cong. Duffy has access to. It appears Cong. Duffy has done much more than I have to earn freedom of speech!?...and needs their protection!

My website is and addresses issues others fear to discuss. It contains the" rest of the story". I think you will agree in relation to such issues as the Federal Reserve System, social security, illegal invasion, homosexuality, or the threats from UN treaties. We need to get the UN out of the US and the US out of the UN!

Illegal Invasion and Amnesty will be the big issues this year. These issues are not even mentioned on Sean Duffy's website. And yes, we need to get rid of Obamacommiecare! The reason I am running for Congress is listed under issues with the heading of Sit-Rep. Also review our last two NEWS releases. The Barron Co. resolution(sex pollution) addresses the moral crisis that threatens to destroy our liberty and nation; it was designed to do so! I welcome your feedback at:

I first ran for office(the U.S. Senate) in 1984 in the state of Oregon and my platform is still the same. I was born and farmer bred in Wisconsin, a former teacher, and a Vietnam veteran. I am presently retired and deliver RV's around the country part-time.

I belong to the following organizations: NCCS(the National Center for Constitutional Studies), Eagle Forum, AIM(Accuracy in Media),American Legion, Judicial Watch, JBS(the John Birch Society), and the World Affairs Brief.

Remember, I don't want your MONEY, I want your VOTE!...and your signature!