Post date: Apr 16, 2018 12:59:46 AM

George Washington and others warned America about "entangling alliances". They said Europe's interests do not coincide with our interests. We have ignored their warnings for the globalist objectives of world government and international treaties, like SEATO that got us into Vietnam. That war was fought under false pretences, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, and so is this one in Syria.

The goal is to bring all countries under the control of the "Soviet" UN. Any country that will not comply will suffer a regime change at the command of UN resolutions, using the United States as the "whipping boy". We have lost every war under the control of their aupices. They have taken away our right to a Declaration of War, without which traitors cannot be prosecuted, ie. Jane Fonda.

Our state department has been controlled by those who would subvert us from within for many decades. Alger Hiss, that "innocent" law professor from Harvard, set up the UN with the help of many of his pro-cell friends. All of these wars and trade treaties give them more control over us and limit our individual liberties. UN wars are unconstitutional. As our Founders would say, we are not traveling the world looking for dragons to slay. We are not the worlds police force...and neither is the UN.

Syria poses no threat to us. We did not want anyone interfering in our Civil War. Neither should we in the Middle East. We do not need to be in an never ending "UN" war that forces us "to spend ourselves into destruction", constantly raising the national debt. President Trump has been confused a second time in regard to Syria. His "swamp" advisors talked him out of getting out. Assad, an eye doctor married to a Britian, doesn't seem to fit such harsh words as used by the President or Nikki Haley. She sure seems to like sounding tough. Too bad she wasn't so in SC when the communist left hit her state and started the new "Civil War".

There have been at least three other unverified chemical attacks reported. Given time, I believe the truth will come out. I would advise going to World Affairs Brief,com and reading their report on this issue. Is this a fabricated event? When the "rebels" left they could not take their prisonors with them. They may have been cruelly used to serve propaganda purposes.

Lindsey Graham and John McCain have been well pleased with the air strikes. The "fake" media is too, even Sean Hannity has jumped on board. He is not right all the time. Tucker Carlson is the only one there who isn't. Contributers like Tomi Lahren and Ann Couter stand with him. I tire of the "heroes" safe at home proclaiming how proud they are of our nation and the airstikes. Are we a nation of immoral people putting on a false act of virtue by hiding behind "chemical weapons"?

The UN under investigation for gross moral abuses and sex slavery does it all the time. Communism reverses what is really important.

Our only allies were Britian and France, hardly the examples of virtue.. the royal family sure isn't. Pedophlia seems to be a problem amongst their leaders. What is France known for?...a nation of" lovers"? Macron based his decision upon reports by the White Helmuts, allies of the Army of Islam, supplied by both the US and Saudi Arabia. The Army of Islam is tied to the al Qaeda rebel forces suppoted by the US. Regime change did not work out well in Vietnam, and it will not work out well in the Middle East. Italy and Germany did not join us because this will only increase the refugee migrant invasion of Western countries.....a key goal of international communism. Moscow would be very happy with that result!