The Bundy Blunder?

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:09:03 PM

Cliven Bundy doesn't seem to know when to keep quiet....and maybe I have the same problem? The powers that be(PTB) want to discredit what he has done and will use any fuel they can get. Everyone from Glen Beck to all the hosts of Fox news couldn't bail on him fast enough for his comments about the welfare state. Wondering out loud can come with an unintended consequence.

It reminds me of a local situation in Rice Lake, WI. A state representative lost his re-election bid because he stated the truth using politically incorrect language when commenting about the moral behavior of young women and young men and the goal of education to turn our children in animals. Did I say commie-nesters yet!!?

Some wanted WI law changed so under age sex would not fall within statutory rape laws. The Representative said his father had warned him about sex with young "consenting" girls who all of a sudden may decide they were raped. He married young at 19 and had told me that he was morally clean on his wedding day.

There was a question of his morality and adulterous affairs since then, having married one of them. I went to him privately to resolve the matter before the election and kept our conversation private, but he angrily did not.

Every famous politician in the state who had supported him for election, including our Governor, US Senator, and Congressman couldn't bail on him and distance themselves fast enough! He lost the election. They never should have supported him in the first place.

So what does this have to do with Mr. Bundy? Both told the truth in the wrong way and got vilified and deserted. Both were criticizing major communist party goals for America; one related to morality, and the other related to the welfare state. All those programs that came out under the CPUSA and Johnson promoted "War on Poverty". Have you heard of the "War on Women"? Comes from the same place!

The War on Poverty came out of the Citizens Crusade Against Poverty founded by such illuminaries as Walter Reuther(trained in Russia to take over the UAW), Martin Luther King(who taught in communist schools in America), and guess who?...Saul Alinsky! We have all the slums of Chicago, Detroit, and other cities to show how well that worked.

It all really started in Cleveland, OH where the Marxists through various racist front groups started the campaign for a guaranteed income. We now see them fight for higher minimum wage and the never ending unemployment benefits. The basic goal was to combine black culture with poor white culture in order to form a future Revolutionary Army in America under the auspices of the Democrat party. They're stated goal was to take over one or both political parties ..and this is the one!

The Johnson-Humphrey administration lead the efforts for the war on poverty with inflammatory rhetoric used by the" New Left". President Johnson hailed thousands of college students on the White House lawn as "fellow revolutionaries". He said he was not willing to accept "the tyranny of poverty". "We Want change--and we aim to get it."(Comrade Obama seems to have the same idea)

"If a peaceful improvement is not possible....a violent adjustment is inevitable". One week after he uttered these comments, the Watts riots took place. Vice-Present Humphrey said he had enough spark in him to lead a mighty revolt. Now 47 % leach off the rest of us through the welfare state And will they riot if we cut the freebees off? You bet they will; they are under the control of Moscow.

Now, was that a long way to tell a short story? As I said, the main point was missed in the trashing of Cliven Bundy. Was life better on a plantation in the south or on the welfare plantation in Las Vegas?

Founders of our nation like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson treated their slaves well earning their affection.. The movie "The Patriot" portrays the star as a benevolent plantation owner, kind to the slave families working for chose!

Now that all the conservatives have bailed on Mr. Bundy and reacted like the communist left PC crowd, I would like to ask them a few questions, especially the black ones. Where would the black family be strongest? It has been proven that the black family was stronger during the Great Depression before the Great Society and the welfare state. Where would you rather be, on the plantations just described...or on welfare in Las Vegas? Where would the family be strongest?