The Coming Civil War

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:11:36 PM the title of a forthcoming book by talk show host Michael Savage. I'm guessing it will be about the "red diaper doper" left and its goal bringing America down from within by destroying our "borders, language, culture".

It is now being lead by the Rainbow Coalition of morally decayed minorities that thrive on the communist party goals of pornography, promiscuity, adultery, and homosexuality. Is not this the behavior of cults. Let us not leave out Fleming and the NBA or Michael Sam and the NFL. The goal is to mock the religion and morality of the virtuous founding white culture of America. They always see the glass half empty rather than the glass half full.

The coming civil war has always been here, especially since the 60's. It's been here ever since Communist Russia immigrated tens of thousands into our country for the purposes of infiltration and espionage. "The Communist Party of the United States is a fifth column if there ever was one. Our Nation must be destroyed if world communism is to become a reality.


The proper balance between the rights of the individual and those of society is being undermined by two major elements----communism and organized crime(and illegal immigration). The basic answer to communism is MORAL; it is SPIRITUAL. REASON and PARTIOTISM are still the Republic's first line of defense in these troubled times. It can only continue to exist if faith remains forthright and strong, bulwarked by intelligent and basic moral concepts."(J. Edgar Hoover)

Soviet Russia said they could not take over the United States unless they could control the minorities....and they do. Just look at the level of the out-of wedlock births. The formula went as follows: The POOR BLACKS + The POOR WHITES = UNION of the POOR(the 47%) = A PROLETARIAN ARMY = The PEOPLE'S REVOLUTION(= The Democrat Party).

We still need to give proper credit to the NBA, NFL, NHL, Baseball, and other pro sports teams for their contributions to the moral revolution that created the welfare state 47%. If we ever cut off such unconstitutional funding, that would probably lead to a "civil war". But it need not happen as long as "White" culture lays down and takes the beating. If they take a stand against it, they will of course be called racist...and that causes the GOP to shake in their shoes!?

Without a moral citizenry, the Republic cannot endure. Montesquieu's "The Spirit of Laws" states that tyranny must cultivate a capacity of fear in people, a monarchy must cultivate a capacity for honor, and a Republic must cultivate a capacity for VIRTUE. Self-rule must always be moral.

John Witherspoon, signer of the Declaration of Independence, said, "civil liberty cannot be preserved without virtue"(so why are "minorities" complaining about their loss of "civil rights"?) and a Republic(or culture) "must either preserve its virtue, or lose its liberty". George Washington and John Adams both agreed that public virtue cannot exist in a nation without private virtue! The lack of virtue among the electorate(and Pro sports teams) will lead to the election of non-virtuous officials.

Michael Savage may be afraid to say so, but the coming civil war will primarily be a race war(including Muslims)...a war between the haves and the have-nots...and that would bring a smile to Putin's face. And as it is the Ukraine, it may be here, where he has players on both sides of the fence. The moral decay of nation leads to both foreign and civil wars that need not be if our citizens would be true Freemen obedient to the Author of Liberty.

The battle for America will still be one between the concepts of Communism and Americanism, big vs limited government, individual vs government responsibility, economic freedom vs a controlled economy, virtue vs vice, and unfortunately be lead by anti-white racism that believes in neither the language, borders, or culture of our founding forefathers.