The Democrat Convention

Post date: Jul 29, 2016 4:29:57 PM

Sen. Corey T. Booker "Lenin "of NY opened the convention with a new communist party slogan--"we will rise!". That goes along with "black lives matter", "white privilege", "God is dead", "kill the police", "fry them like bacon", and "get whitey". They are all "stronger together" making commie "love, not war". The Communist Party Sex Wars continue through Obama's forced transgender campaign. When it comes to LGBYQ, they sure know how to lead from behind! "Free love"...and free money for everyone paid for by what?.....monopoly money!? When Hillary says she will make America free again, she means free from personal accountability. The communistic triangle of community organizing: Saul Alinsky, Satan, and Obama seem to rule the party. Now Clinton will take his place. When they say God bless America, I don't think they are talking about the God of this nation. I think it's the one that "rules the world". Judge them by their works, not their words.

Donald Trump held a press conference before the convention. In it, he spoke like a Democrat! He said he supported minimum wage but it should be determined by the states. All federal social programs should go back to the states. Local control cuts out a lot of fraud. But that won't happen because Marxism requires that all matters be controlled by a strong central government. Then Donald agrees with the basic communist party line that "all people need to be taken care of". Maybe, but not by the government! He is still sounding like a Democan...or is he a Republicrat? Since when do the righteous have a responsibility to take care of the wicked?! That's communism. If they "repent", that's Americanism.

Hillary gave such a great speech, Bill fell asleep. There is "too little social mobility". And "there's to much inequality". She promised to remove all ceilings so anyone can rise. "If there are no ceilings, there are no limits." The new Communist Party of Amerika( wearing the mild mannered look of the Democrat Party) promises that all can rise to socialist heaven, no matter their personal conduct(of course, at the expense of others). Sinners and Saints all rise equally under their God. They are for homosexuality--"God bless America". They love transgender bathrooms--"God bless America". Release criminal invaders---"God bless America"!? To invoke the name of the Creator in support of such a plan is blasphemy. The Socialist are very good at that. Heaven doesn't work that way. You have to have something that party doesn't have.....VIRTUE! The lack of it creates the ceilings they are complaining about. If they had it, they wouldn't need a party to help them rise there.

The Democrats still lie better than Republicans can tell the truth. The Commie-crats base their arguments on FEELINGS and NEEDS. Moral laws and facts offend their feelings, so their feelings must trump everyone else's freedom of speech. The GOP is supposed to stand by the FACTS and PRINCIPLES of LIBERTY. Clinton and Obama are the "masters of deceit". It's sad to watch the poor masses fall for it. Communism preys on the "poor and the whore" crowd. If you could watch this convention without getting angry, your have great control.

Though it may be hard to believe(?), the final stages of a full Communist Revolution are before us. Why is it that people can't hear or see it? Maybe, it's because they have VD of the brain!! know, the one Dr. Carson talks about. They waved the flags of Hamas and the Russian revolution, the flags that have slaughtered millions of people and enslaved millions more. They are going to replace the American flag with that of Mexico and Russia. When they say they love America, they mean Amerika! So much for those who said, "it couldn't happen here". Sean Hannity said it took them two days to finally put up an American flag.

Are you ready to fight Communism in America!!? Still.....the best one to do so. For obvious reasons, I am going to remain true to myself....and vote for me!