The End

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 8:35:01 PM

After gathering over 1000 signatures of the 2000 required, this campaign has come to an end. Others did not do their share. To those who didn't do even a small part, the phrase "thanks for nothing" comes to mind.

It is obvious that people still do not understand the real threat to our liberty: the money machine politicians that will not get rid of anything that is unconstitutional. Unless we remove the Fed, the UN, and the Dept. of Education, nothing will get better in this land.

I end my runs for office as I began them in 1983, running for US Senator. The dream of proving you can win against the machine on principle instead of money is over. The greatest hinderment to that cause unfortunately has not been the DEM, but GOP.

The WI party is still a neocon Federal Reserve puppet party, voting 2 to 1 to keep that corrupt institution. The remaining candidates will not be a threat to it or big government, especially Tommy Thompson(Mr. Agenda 21?) To my shock and amazement, he was endorsed by Bob Dohnal, leader of the statewide conservative conference.

The top two candidates for Senator are now Mark Neuman and Jeff Fritzgerald. After having defeated them both in the first tea party forum of the year, I thought I had proven my point and would continue successfully from there to a real dark horse victory.

Unfortunately those that said they could or would...didn't!? Those conservative groups I have loyally given to and supported for many years, did not come through for the only war veteran in the race.

Now the power to send our country to war will be in the hands of those who have never taken those risks. I don't want to hear from them, "thank you for your service".

We now may be headed for war in Iran, if nothing else but to keep a war president in office. God help us if we do!?

A friend of mine who ran for Governor of OR back in 1986 has been asked by Ron Paul to write an article about possible revolutionary tactics the left may use to stage summer riots, giving our President cause to declare martial law....and maybe guarantee his election in the fall. Her name is Betty Freauf and can be found at

Obama is again showing us the Marxist racist that he is by setting up an organization called African-Americans for Obama. Keep this quote in mind: "Moscow realizes that it can never revolutionize the United States unless the Negro can be won over to the communist cause."

Her name is Betty Freauf and can be found at My thanks to the all too few that helped me prepare for this run for office. This was the year to make the difference. At the age of 65, the 32 year battle for office is over. The country will probably fall apart without me, but somehow we will manage!?

You just will not find candidates that will take on the power of the Fed. Careers can be lost. We can only hope the winner of this US Senate race has the character to do so.