The Enemy of our Enemy.

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:39:11 PM

Prime Minister Netanyahu has addressed our

Congress and inspired many with his words. The phase "the enemy of our our enemy!" defines his talk. America has fallen for the opposite in the past. The enemy of our enemy became our friend and we helped them become a world power they are today.

If only we had got that right in WWII. The friend(Russia) of our enemy(Germany) became a false friend during the war, and our "cold war" enemy afterwards, fomenting communist revolutions around the world. If only we had listened to Patton who wanted to finish the job.

Instead we left more people enslaved than when the war stated. The friend of our enemy became the enemy of our enemy. This is the friend of our enemy that taught them how to exterminate the Jews. Good thing we have Putin around to save Christianity!?

The politics that creates such strange bedfellows is called INTERNATIONALISM. Wars are fomented in order to breakdown the resistance to world government under the UN. Sovereignty is submerged in regional unions that can later be combined into one whole. Only because of the UN are we sticking our noses in all around the world where we may not violation of Washington's Farewell Address.

As good as his speech sounded, he lost me when he "licked the boots" of Harry Reid. Mr. Netanyahu most likely paid a visit to that great internationalist, Herr(Henry) Kissinger, before speaking. He did such a great job bringing peace to Vietnam. We still need to keep in mind that the government of Israel is just as corrupt as our own! For those in the know, this was a great bi-partisan show

I don't believe in sending US citizens to fight for Israel. As the Prime Minister said, they could do it alone. Maybe we should just stay out of their way and let them address the affairs of the region. They have done quite well in the past in defending themselves with only foreign aid in the form of arms. Maybe we should try that in the Ukraine?

During the earlier war in Afghanistan against Russia, al qaida was our friend, only to latter become our enemy. Maybe Ron Paul was right about "blowback". Now we have ISIS to deal with. As with China and Russia, the enemy of our our enemy! "When will we ever learn?"....not as long as the UN is around.