The Gullibles!?

Post date: Mar 25, 2018 10:17:35 PM

Has President Trump turned the Deblorables into the Gullibles? The Never-Trumpers are most deplorable to the gullibles. But as time passes, they are looking better and wiser all the time. Gullibles would "buy the Brooklyn Bridge", believe it's sunny out when it is raining, and trust Donald Trump when he says he will never do it again!? "I had no choice; I will never do it again!". I think that is what he told each former wife about adultery. Didn't he just commit political adultery? "I had no choice" is the time tested excuse for rhinos and neo-cons like Speaker Ryan. Who helped Ryan win his seat?!

Isn't he just a "conservative" Democrat? President Trump just gave Schumer a victory to brag about. Hiding behind the military disguise, he sold us out to the left again. He did it on bump stocks, he did it on DACA, on the border wall, on Obamacare, and he did it for the new communist youth league. He did it when he fell for a meeting with the "Rocketman"; he fell for their buying time game to fully develop their missiles. More hot air and no results. Another trillion added to the national debt in six months! He went along with 500 million for Planned Parenthood! He is acting like "One Term Trump"!

Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and others rightfully took him to task. The art of the (republican)deal became the art of the (democrat)steal. It's too bad he didn't have the privilege of a line-item veto. Had I won a Senate seat in 1984, Reagan would have had that tool. Sen. Hatfield, who gave away the Panama Canal like a good Democrat, voted against it.

President Trump should have gone for a government shutdown. This was a "pig in a poke". Do you still believe a man that cannot remain faithful to his wife, will remain faithful to cause of liberty? I would stand by him every step of the way in his fight with the "Soviet" deep state, but he had better get some more backbone. Better start looking for a replacement in 2020. I wonder if the "Christian" community can find a "Joshua" or a "Joseph" to replace him? Maybe a "David"? No, not enough money or win-ability? Nothing like those Christian former(?) womanizers to save our country! Can't find a just and virtuous man? Might as well keep him. I still believe in "One Term Trump". Only the gullible would believe otherwise!