The Heroes of YAK

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:03:10 PM

Recently journalist Pat Cadell called the media the "enemy of our country". There are those who show their heroism through military service to our land and those who do so by the risks they take to preserve or establish our Founders did. They risked family, fame, fortune, and sacred honor.

Then there are those that try to be "heroes" by the use of their lips! They usually do so by taking the leftist-socialist line against freedom and virtue. Bob Costos seems to be one of those.

In the recent Olympics I, like others, enjoyed the moment and cheered the performances that won Gabby Douglas her gold medals. But guess who had to "destroy" the moment by bringing up her race!?....but not her faith?

Now, he wants to weigh in on gun control....and the recent sad NFL incident in Kansas City. But he doesn't address the virtue of the people involved.? Bad behavior leads to other bad behavior.

The lack of virtue in the N..F..L..comes through again. If in doubt, just ask Jimmy "extends" Johnson The player has lived with a women in the "commie" way and fathered a child out of wedlock. Guess who gets to pay all the bills for such cowbird behavior!? Bet he was wearing pink in support of women's breasts! Abuse women and wear pink for them. My what "heroes"!

In the Vietnam Era, those that chose to work with their hands instead of their mouth where forced into a false war for those who went to college. We created a new elitist "British" class who talk rather than do!

Like Bob Costos, they chose to be PC-politically correct according to the dictates of the communist left. You see, PC is really CC...commie correctness. God and virtue are left out of the equation.

Is Bob Costos a hero? I don't think so. He needs to go back to his frat house and keep quiet until he can do something of real worth....instead of playing up to the leftist causes of race-baiting and gun control.