The "High Five" of Treason

Post date: Oct 23, 2017 1:56:08 AM

They were all opposition to our national sovereignty! Now they are hiding behind the disguise of charity. Globalism is educated version of Communism. They remind me of the "fab five/"Kilby cell from Cambridge University in England during WWII. Alger Hiss played the same role at Harvard. They all have been very charitable with our liberties and our rights regardless of the party label. They are all "socialists" giving away what isn't theirs to give, giving our enemies a stronger hand within our country while decoying our attentions outside the country. Under all of them our our country was weakened and the powers of our enemies enhanced.

Lets start with President Carter. He, along with Newt Gingrich, gave the communists what they have wanted for years---a Dept. of Education. He sided with the communists in Nicaraqua and in South Africa. The worst thing he did was gave away the American owned Panama Canal...that China now controls! The Soviet Democrat Party is very good at that. Yes, President Carter was a very charitable man

Next in order is George H. W. Bush. He is another Rhino(British) Republican that called for a "New World Order"!(so did Richard Nixon) That means Global Integration. And that means we must give up our sovereignty and rights to the communist UN. His famous lie about "no new taxes" cost him a second term and ushered in his "buddy" Bill Clinton. He was no where the conservative man Ronald Reagan was!

I used to call him billy-butt Clinton. So much billy goat activity! He may have even out done the Kennedys, both John and Edward. Harvey Weinstein fits in very well here.. The Clintons tried to give us something else the communists have called for for years.....Heathcare! But it didn't quite get done. It was meant to be finished by another Alinsky disciple. We all may remember Johnny Huang who provided enough cash from China to get him elected twice. Bill Cinton should not only have been impeached for the "Monica" affair, but for the total sell out of American technology to the Chinese. Boy, are we paying for it now!!! Monica provided a "decoy" issue. Who now has a huge trade deficit with China? I would put the Clintons in with the Rosenbergs who gave our nuclear secrets to Russia.

Next up another lesser of two evils, another Bush. G.W. may have lied to get us into the war in Iraq. We should have just taken their dictator down and left, letting the factions determine their own destiny, It was ridiculous to expect them to be like us. George Bush tried to get us into a three country North American Union , again giving up more of our sovereignty to the UN. Do we need to mention the Patriot Act that reduced our liberties? He bailed out Mexico(with the help of Newt Gingrich)and set up NAFTA. What appreciation have we gotten for that!?...another large trade deficit! All it did was inspire future "Dreamers".....and set up the future invasion of America. Because of President Bush's betrayal of all conservative values, he destroyed the credibility of the GOP and put a communist into the White House for the next eight years. He just had to "destroy the economy in order to save the economy". He did the same for the Party!.

Last and probably the worst is BABO("Benedict Arnold" Barack Obama). A pure "Alinsky" communist, he wasted eight long years promoting "commie" healthcare. Commie Ponzi programs always do what they were designed to do....."force the United States to spend itself into destruction". False wars do the same; he didn't do much to end them either. Obama also promoted the communist goals in relation to the legalization of "mary ju wana", Homosexual marriage, transgender behavior, and invasion(immigration). BABO like Carter gave away American territory to the communists, this time Russia, when he gave them the Wrangell Islands. Now they want Alaska. Don't bet your life that a future "Democrat" won't do that! They have already infiltrated California and taken that state over.

Yes, these are very charitable men...with our land...and our liberties! They all represent the two-party, one-party system. They represent the "swamp" of socialism. None of them could "hold a candle" to Ronald Reagan. President Trump is some where in the middle. He has done much good....but equally bad. He is still working with too many "swampers" like McConnell and Ryan. There is no excuse for in any way supporting DACA !?

Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama. They remind me of the "fab five" of the Philby communist cell in England during WWII. Because of them, Stalin knew every move Churchill was going to make. It's sad that such people now control the Democrat party and can be elected to office in our country!!!