The "Joker" beats "Batman!?

Post date: Sep 18, 2015 1:49:16 AM

The "Joker" beats Batman(the GOP?)...again!? I thought he did worse than last time, but he won handily again. The "Roman"/gambling crowd in the GOP is greater than I thought. People that don't stand for much of anything morally, will fall for anything. Donald Trump is successful because he stands for issues the neo-conservatives will not address such as all the problems associated with our illegal invasion. He has scored more points by bringing up anchor babies, veterans issues, vaccinations/autism, and the nuclear threat from North Korea. To ignore them and attack Iran for doing the same thing is hypocrisy by our socialist state department. REMEMBER, SOCIALISM IS A SYSTEM OF LYING!!!

None of the candidates addressed the socialism of all the failing "Ponzi" schemes: social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and healthcare. All originated in the CPUSA. All are there to support the socialist welfare state. All are unconstitutional. And none of the candidates talked of getting rid of them, or replacing them with something better. The GOP does not want a candidate that will work to get rid of the welfare state. Where is the candidate that will address the moral crisis that leads to it? Government needs to quit rewarding bad behavior.

Mr. Trump fails my two simple tests. If a candidate is not morally clean, or utters the word socialism; he is "toast" as far as I'm concerned. Donald Trump and Arnold Schwartzenegger, now there's a team to save America!? Mr. Trump likes to talk about how stupid our leaders are. Doesn't it take those kind of people to keep them in office? Maybe they still are if they are willing to fall for that pair?

Here are interesting Democrat stands by Republicans:

Amnesty--Bush, Kasich, Walker, Rubio, Pataki, Graham, Trump, ?

Save social security by raising the age limits or cutting out the rich--Trump, Graham, ?.

Can't send them back, or build a fence--Pataki, Kasich, Christie, ?.

Minimum wage--Santorum, Carson, ?

Progressive taxation--Trump, ?

Common core--Bush, Walker, ?

(?) means I need to hear the debates...again!? complete the list(or go through all their websites)

The $10 dollar bill question showed none of them are prepared to defend us from internal subversion. Replacing our founding fathers on our money is basic communist agitprop 101...and they should have known it! It is part of the hate America game coming from the communist controlled minority left. Those mentioned Rosa Parks really showed their ignorance. She was trained at a communist Highlander School in the state MLK. If they want Obama to use the "T" word, they need to have the courage to use the "C" word.

The debates spent too much time on personality games and not enough on the issues. Christie was right about that. Some talked about fixing the country and doing what's in the best interest of America. Their wasn't much talk about the Constitution and "original intent" except in regard to anchor babies. They talked about the threat from immigration, but not who's behind it. The same applies to ISIS. There was talk of the threats from Russia and China, but nothing about their networks in this country, a far bigger threat than ISIS!

Our dollar is about to possibly collapse, but their was no talk of the FED....the ED, or the UN. At least 80% of what our government does is unconstitutional. If we don't get rid of our "Trojan Horses", nothing will get better in America!