The Red Fifth Column

Post date: Apr 28, 2015 9:38:42 PM

Our oath of allegiance refers to an enemy domestic. Such is the constant theme of this website. The enemy within is greater than without. A country has to be demoralized before first before it falls. Such was one of themes of the famous Chinese General Sun Tsu.

The fifth column has always existed in America. The more it succeeds, the more wars we get into that we shouldn't be in. A country must be successful at defeating that political force before it can defeat a foreign enemy. If the fifth column succeeds the focus becomes external as the Column consolidates power within, by sending the troops on "Palace Coup" Wars. Through wars and commie-fare, a country can be forced to spend itself in destruction.

Washington had his General Lee and Benedict Arnold and we have the likes of Obama, Kasich, Cuomo, and Boehner. As Cicero warned, the 'traitor who appears not a traitor" is more dangerous than the "barbarian who wears his banners openly".

Are you tired of the Col. Sanders, chicken wing of the GOP? Cluck, Cluck, Cluck! Please don't hurt us! Don't call us names....we'll give you all you want! How about responding with a few comments from famous US war generals?

At the Battle of the Bulge, outnumbered by the enemy, we heard the response of "Nuts". Another, when surrounded in Korea, responded,"We've got them right where we want them. Now we can shoot in any direction!"

After the revolution, the British did not all go home. Some went into banking and eventually forced the United States into a war with Britain again, when the US President would not continue the national bank idea.

If my memory serves me right, there was a man named Wilkerson, working with Aaron Burr, who tried to create a new nation out of the west, then called the Ohio valley. I believe Burr was executed after the failed coup. Risking my memory again, there was also a young officer involved who when given the chance to make amends, disowned our government and said he never wanted to hear the name of the United States again!

Many of us have seen the movie about the rest of his life aboard a US vessel, not allowed to hear the name of our great country again, or any news of her progress. Such should be the fate of President Obama and his wife after an impeachment by Congress.

A case might be made for that the fifth column, working with Britain, helped bring about the Civil War. "Yellow" journalism played a role in the Spanish-American War, and the Banksters definitely played a role in both World Wars.

Eisenhower warned us about a military-industrial complex, with a vested profit motive, for getting us into wars all around the world. Why should they worry if they didn't have to go!? Have you noticed? All wars are run by "draft-dodgers". As Kissinger has said, the military dog will do what it is told to do.

The communist fifth column cost us the Vietnam War, while they made great gains at home building the commie welfare state. Washington had his General Lee, and we had Kennedy, Johnson, and King. Now we have the Bush dyn asty, Obama, Jackson, and Sharpton.

You might as well throw in the whole Democrat Party. Gov. Cuomo has just said rights are determined by the government, not by God; a perfect statement of communism. Am I the only one who "sees the signs"?

The Soviet homosexual(LGBT) crowd rejoices over the change in the governorship of Oregon. How low can they go there? In "Orygone" they worship their or..gun! Rather than look up to God, they have a much lower view of life.

After running for Congress in 1988, I got out of that commie "hole in the wall" state. They've traded a governor's mistress for a lesbian. Why mess around with Hillary Clinton? The new Governor Kate Brown, and Tammy Baldwin would make a great presidential ticket for the Party. "What difference does it make!?" I'd better not give them any ideas!

Let us not forget Gov. Kasich. As things come down to the final battle for the liberty in America, more "Gen. Lee's" will come out of the woodwork. First of all, its not Obamacare! That term reduces principle to a personality issue. It should be called commie-care since the idea came straight out a book written by a Communist titled "Toward a Soviet America". One should not only read Alinsky's book, but this one too. Did you ever wonder where the idea for social security and the Dept. of Education came from?

And no, the Bible does not support

"obamacare". The Bible does not support stealing what another person has earned. Needs do not determine rights. Charity is not a government function; it is a function of individuals. Communism reverses the former statement. People that live the wrong way will always need the fruits of someone else's labor.

Communism turns needs into rights that don't exist. It cannot be done without the process of "legal plunder" by the government. When government transfers wealth from one who has earned it to one who hasn't, that's communism. If we do that, its normally called thievery. Kasich must be going to a Jeremiah Wright KGB run type church.

All free countries have do deal with both their enemy domestic...and foreign. When the former becomes too strong, and government too corrupt, we lose the foreign battle as we did in Vietnam. Ben Carson was asked why he didn't just stay retired? His answer applies to many of us. How can you enjoy retirement and watch your country fall from within? Are you ready for Freedom,Peace, and Prosperity...or tyranny, war, and poverty? The battle cry of the communist left is: worship us and government, sleep with us, and we'll steal someone else's money. Can you handle America's standard of God, Family, and Country!?

John Stossel had a special show about communism tonight. He interviewed a man who escaped Cuba after the Castro takeover, leaving his father behind because his father insisted the family leave and not wait for him. He said he would rather die than see his family live under communism. He was able to join them a short time later. Some say, if you can't beat them, join them. Or, better Red than dead. No, it is better to be dead than Red!

Winston Churchill said one should fight when the battle can be won. He also said it is better to fight when there is little chance of winning, than to have to fight when there is no chance at all. Boehner and the chicken GOP are leading us into the later statement. Are you FREEMAN(or woman) enough to deal with it? Are you ready to fight Communism...IN AMERICA!?