The "Sex Crime" Debaters

Post date: Oct 11, 2016 2:27:24 AM

The free love campaign of communism started decades ago behind such slogans as: "if it feels good do it", "make love not war", and "God is dead". As I have mentioned through the "Resolution", their moral attack on America includes pornography, homosexuality, adultery, and promiscuity. It seems to give "the folks" VD of the brain; they see saviors where there are none. Have you been "Sovietized yet?! Have you aided and abetted this enemy cause? All the main characters of last nights debate represent these goals. Though I don't know much about Martha Raddetz, it may be safe to assume that all members of CNN(the communist news network) are all in the tank on the issue of morality. In the eyes of God, all such conduct is a crime against Him and those he would lead to eternal life.

It might even be called "child abuse" or "child molesting". We listened to the "three musketeers of immorality" for 90 minutes. The moderator and candidates would be more appropriate in the old Soviet Union. They would even qualify as Soviet agents trained as "Ravens" and "Swallows". The first refers to male and the second to females immorally trained to please and compromise targets in the West for blackmail purposes. Do these folks really make up the hope for the future of our country?!! If you think so, tell me who has been smoking something, you or me? The lesser of two evils just gets....more evil each election.

Cooper Anderson represents homosexuality, Donald Trump represents the other three, and Hillary Clinton represents adultery and lesbianism. They all support the communist party transgender bathroom campaign. Talk about "Red October"! Who would replace Trump if he stepped down? Don't depend on the self-righteous hypocrite Paul Ryan. Like Hillary, he's a sponsor of the Special Rights for Homosexuals Bill. This bill would destroy freedom of religion in America. All these people represent the stated communist goal of destroying religion and morality...and patriotism... in our communities.

Both "sorry" presidential candidates dare hide behind the false cover of religion....or would that be the cover of false religion....just like Obama. Both candidates spoke about being sorry....sorry for what...getting caught? There is a step missing in their "I'm sorry" false repentance. When did they ever quit the offensive conduct, and what penalty did they pay? What did they do to make restitution to the victims?! Both want to talk about the other's sex CRIMES. They both live in an "alternative reality". Both are deplorable and despicable. What does that make the people that would vote for them? Where did the Constitution go in this debate? Oh, Wo is us! Is the GOP D&D better than the DEM D&D? Why isn't a clean candidate allowed to make it to the top? Because the power brokers of Wall Street want someone they can blackmail.

In Plato's Republic, "all men belonged to all women, and all women belonged to all men", and the children were raised by the "state". Maybe that's where our citizens want our government to go? But don't expect the blessing of a just God...and don't expect that either of these candidates will really solve our problems. Adios America!