The Soviet "March for Truth"!?

Post date: Jun 4, 2017 5:23:19 AM

This falls into the same category as the Occupy America, March for Women, and Black Lives Matter demonstrations. All coordinated by agents of the CP-USA and the rich traitors in our country who fund them. The fifth column "47%" will not give up until America falls from within. Michael Moore's Hate America game continues. "Progressives" have planned marches in 130 cities and call President Trump a false president. Such is the game of so many soviet thinking false citizens. Calling it the March for Lies would be more truthful.

Masquerading as mild-mannered Democrats, they are plotting a revolution to circumvent Trump's stand on Climate Change. The accord has never been ratified as a treaty by the US Senate. As World Affairs Brief reports it, we cannot apply to pull out of the accord until November of 2019. and it wouldn't go into effect until November 4th day after the next presidential election. There is no enforcing mechanism, so it doesn't matter.

They call their revolutionary front a Coalition of States(and I might add, cities). They are not only forming an alliance for climate change, but also an alliance for Sanctuary cities. They are calling the GOP a terrorist group. What else is new? It's standard procedure for anyone who stands against communism in the USA(unfortunately the GOP doesn't really stand against it). Their "parent" organization, the UN, is calling the United States a "Rogue State"!? That's about all the UN is made up of. They have enough on their hands just to deal with pedophilia and sex slave charges made against them by whistle-blowers. They define the "three stooges" that won't support climate change: Nicaragua, Syria, and...the US. Maybe that's another reason the UN wants to take down Syria?

Macron, the new President of France, is offering american commie-flakes a "safe" place to flee from Pres. Trump's Macro-agressions. If only they would take advantage of his offer of refugee status! Please go. Some are already fleeing to Canada, why not France. Why not go all the Russia!? There is no such thing as reasoning with such twisted minds. Socialism definitely is a mental illness.

"Family, fortune and sacred honor" are terms unfamiliar to them Their family is the family of moral decay. The Party tells them when to marry, divorce, live together, or separate. Sounds a lot like Hollywood doesn't it? This destroys religion, morality, and the family. Dr. Dobson of "Focus on the Family" says, "a family can live without a country,,,but a country cannot live without the family". Interesting thought! Tyrants need a morally decayed people in order to rule!

The only ones that have a fortune are the rich socialists that fund the activists in the streets while they seat back safe at home. As my father might say: they don't have a pot or a window, but they always have a big mouth. And I would add: a hot red rear end. What honor is there in that? Honor refers to having highmoral standards. It means you don't cause problems for other people to pay for! Honor is a covenant with the "author of Liberty.

The red flakes march for just about anything that is not the truth. What is truth? It's found in nature's God and Natural Law. It's found in the Ten Commandments...not in the ten planks. It's found in Virtue, not in all their twisted moral behaviors! They over use the word LOVE to substitute for their HATE of all the good ideals America is founded upon. They pledge their lives, but they have no fortune or sacred honor to give. May we always be a "Rogue State", different from the rest of the world.